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I’m new to Lucid dreaming, and I’m running into a problem :confused: . Yesterday I was lucid dreaming in a nap, and after roughly 10-15 seconds of wondering what was going on(this was before I read up on Lucid Dreaming) I ran around the corner and suddenly jumped down this mountain and woke up(kinda strange). Today I had another Lucid Dream where I used a reality check(counting fingers) in my dream, but just as I realized it was a dream, everything became really blurry and bright and I woke up, I was probably lucid only for a few seconds. It seems like I’m getting confused when I become lucid, and this disrupts my sleep. Is there anything I can do or practice to help prevent me from waking up right after becoming lucid?

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Congrats for getting an LD

When you first start LDing they usually only last a few seconds but if you keep LDing it should last long

also when you start to see it fade away start rubbing the ground or rubbing your hands together, anyhting to reaffirm your dreaming

also see if you can look aroung i think ther is a BIG prolonging dreams topic somewhere


This might help a bit

one of the things about dreams is they really match your expectations.

when i first started i would worry when i got lucid, oh man how do i stay in the dream? i have to stablizie it!

and you know, that kind of thinking might actually make staying lucid harder than it is.

while dream stablization is GOOD and you may need to do it at times, it doesn’t inherently mean that lucidity, especially for beginners, is hard to maintain.

it can be very very easy to maintain. one of my very first lucid dreams was super super long and explorative.

there are a few things you can do though. but should you find yourself waking up, the single very very best thing to do is to not move at all, not one single muscle… remember that dream! remember “i’m in the dream world, not my bed! I was just there and I’m going back!” remember that you have just spent your time in another reality, and you are still more in THAT reality than you are in the waking one.

hold onto what the dream felt like, what was the last thing you did, who was the last person you saw? Was there anyone by you? If some girl was near you, call out to her in your thoughts, “hey girl… hey girl that was just walking by… could you please come back and pull me back into the dream please?”

it will work!!! 70% of the time or more it will.

ultimately your brain has the final say though, but you are part of your brain.

if you keep your body absolutely still and go back to sleep, never moving the body once, you should go right back into the dream… if you feel wide awake like there is no hope, then well… good effort.

most lucidity is in the morning, but consequently dreams are a lot “lighter” in the morning and easier to transition in and out from.

so if you’re lucid, the dream is falling apart, relax… let yourself dissolve, use your intuition and all you need is an intention this dream may be fading, but I am going to stay in it anyway! and show the dream whos boss.

it may mean spinning, or doing silly things, rubbing the dream walls, to me it’s best to just sort of flow… eb and flow… just oscillate in betwen the waking and dream world, don’t mind the fuzziness, and wait for it to pass till the solid dream is back.

but really, just trust your intuition. you will know what to do.

i will say, asking a dream character to pull you back in is about the single best method for me ever though, with very high consistency if you wake up from a dream, even if it wasn’t lucid, try it and see!

you’ll be good at it in no time.