Have an alter-ego in your dreamworld?

I haven’t had a true LD yet (I’m new to the concept of LDing), though the thought of taking up another life/identity in the dreamworld sounded like an interesting thing to me. When you are conscious, do you take on another line of work…perhaps you are part of a big law firm in Boston (working alongside Denny Crane and Alan Shore at “Crane, Poole, and Schmidt” maybe?)…a hitman/hitwoman who travels to exotic locales to meet interesting people and kill them…or a wheelman/wheelwoman that has a series of rules and gets the job done, no questions asked. And do you take on another name instead of your own? Just a thought for an interesting topic…

I LDs I find that I am wild, witty, suave and, violent as compared to real life where I am witty, suave, and only a little violent. :smile:


And no, I’ve always just been me in my lucid dreams so far, although in one I did live on my own in a flashy apartment. :content:

I have a DC who looks like me and claims to be my SC, and there are actually some dreams in which I’m called Ansarah (it’s not my real last name) and Seljuk, but I wouldn’t say I have an alter ego per se.

I do pretty much whatever I want in my dreams, more of a wanderer. I have noticed being extremely violent and vengeful in my dreams but usually rather passive IRL. DCs are very afraid of me (which I’ve taken into intepretation) or really like me (or both). I don’t have an alter ego, I just stumble into LD/NDs as myself with more power.

I like to turn into a dragon when I LD. Sometimes animals and other people. Or even mist form, that can be a blast.

:uh: I don’t know…I’ve turned into a monkey a few times–actually I’ve turned into a few animals…and people :unsure:. I think the monkey probably symbolizes my personality…funny though, because I’m year of the Snake…

I haven’t had a LD yet, but most of the time when I dream I’m like me, except I have inhuman agility, and I’m usually beating bad guys up with a sword (In school, in unknown places, etc)

:good: Cool!

I like to beat up bad guys, too–usually solo, but sometimes someone like Chun Li or that Planters peanut guy are helping me–those team fights are fun :woot:–I like the cool or crazy characters my subconscious gives me.

I once had a shoot-out with Arnold Schwarzenegger, too–I think I killed him (he was trying to steal my boots)

The last bad guys I fought were skeletal creatures with purple capes and some weird vampires. If you’ve played Morrowind before, picture bonelords… Or better yet, lemme get a pic:

They were similar to these

EDIT: Gahahahaha Arnold?? My brother dreamt about getting his autograph once (He’s a huge fan of The Terminator)


The cool part is that I wasn’t scared :happy: I was slashing and hitting them just like in a game. Maybe it’s because I’m used to seeing them? Or maybe it was just the game feeling. I didn’t seem to mind much when I turned into a vamp >_>; Btw, read the post with the dream if you want: https://community.ld4all.com/t/good-recalling-but-unable-to-have-a-ld-plus-story/16346

i wouldnt be fighting bad guys…id be fighting citizens :happy:

and my alter ego is god of my planet (no offence to our god) :razz:

I wouldn’t really call it an alter ego because in my lucid dreams I just do the things I crave to do all day. Only one of my friends knows about all of my disturbing thoughts.

In my dreams I also take the form of Cligloe, One of the voices I hear.

I have to admit, my “sort of online persona” and “stuff I do in dreams whether lucid or not” are both somewhat, “generic rpg mage” type stuff… but it’s still me. I suppose you do dream what you read/play/think about.

(And yeah, Rodrigo, I had a few Morrowind dreams when I was playing Morrowind :tongue: )

I guess Super-LD-Dude is my alter-ego in LDs–BB even has her own alter-ego in my own dreams–Gunslingin’ BB! :content:

Hahahah :happy: I’m not the only one then :smile: What race were you? Or were you just human?

That reminds me, I wanna try to be a khajiit(https://www.elderscrolls.com/images/art/mwind_web34B.jpg)when I manage to LD sometime!