Good Recalling but unable to have a LD (Plus story)

Hello! This is my first post on the LD4All forums, and I already like the site. Anyway, here’s what happens:
I’ve always had good dream recalling. It’s not that I remember every single night, but after listening to my friends, I recall much more times than them and with more detail.

The problem is that I can’t get MILD to work with me. I can’t go asleep if I keep thinking about something over and over. When I do that I either end up not sleeping or take a long time to do so.

The funny part of all that is that I never notice simple things that could be used for a RC. For example, I recently dreamed I was in a mansion filled up vampires. The place was on a cliff, and was supposedly the place where I lived (nothing to do with any place I’ve ever been to). In front of the house there was a large garden/patio area with a rocky fountain and stuff. (I could describe with more detail, but I’ll keep to the point) So I decide to go hunt the damn vampires, and they show up in the garden. So after jumping around slashing and hitting vampires and skeletal monsters in the air on nice anime/game-like fights with inhuman agility, one of them ends up hitting me, and a message box appears in front of me like if I was in a game (If anyone has ever played Morrowind, you’ll know) telling me I was contamined with vampirism. Then the vamps/monsters disappear, and someone who supposedly is my brother (my real life one) shows up, but he looks like Duke Nukem (from the pc games, you know). I ask him how he became a vampire, he tells me it’s because he slept with 53 girls.

All the time in the dream everything seemed perfectly normal and possible. From the vampires, to the weird place, to the game message box.

Anyone has an alternate other than MILD for me to try?

Oh, meu Deus, um paulista da minha idade no fórum! (“Oh my God, a São Paulo citizen my age on the forum!”)

Welcome, Rodrigo! I must tell you, at first, I was completely freaked out that you were from my school… I have a very good friend/neighbour called Rodrigo, who is unfortunately a it of a drunk guy, and he always shows up drunk in my dreams, which would most likely be omited from this forum if I found out you were him…


Again, welcome! :wave:

Consider posting a proper introduction in the big “Hi, I’m new here” thread, on the Gathering subforum. :wink:

This is quite common. Here’s what you can do—I suppose you too are preparing for the vestibular right now, so you will probably not be able to mess up with your sleep schedule too much, so you should cross WBTB from your list of possible techniques. You could give WILD a try—don’t be affraid of it, it’s quite smooth, though it takes a lot of time and discipline to get it through.

You should also visit this forum frequently hint, hint and possibly start a dream journal, for that will get you thinking about dreams and Lucid Dreaming more often, which helps a lot if you’re trying MILD. Also, do RCs all day long, set some common things to RC against (like every time someone says “caraca”, one of my personal favourites).

You should also read about VILD. It doesn’t seem to work for everyone, but it’s definately worth a shot. These techniques are all described in detail in the Quest for Lucidity topic.

Hoping to hear from you again (it’s nice to have some brazillian fellows around, isn’t it?),


Caraaaaaaaaca (de propósito) um brasileiro era a ultima nacionalidade que eu esperava encontrar aqui! (“Caraca”! A brazilian was the last nationality I’d expect to find here!)

I’m not preparing for the vestibular, I already managed to get in a College. But anyway WBTB won’t work for me. I’ll try WILD and training with some more RCs.

Btw, how long did you take to manage to have LDs?

RC Yup. Not dreaming. I knew that, because when I saw a new user called Rodrigo from Brazil and my age, I just had to RC and I kind of wasn’t dreaming… :razz:

Hehehe, you’re going to hate me for that, but I’m a natural! I have LDs naturally every once in a while.

Inducing LDs is a whole other story. It took me a whole month to master MILD properly, and a bit less than three months to master WILD. Then I learnt to do autosuggestion LD incubation: I learnt to ask my subconscious for an LD in a way I ended up getting one. Pretty neat, huh? But that takes some meditation to master, though it’s totally worth it. PM me to ask me for the details. :content:

Also, congratulations on entering College! What course are you taking?

Do you speak about MILD or about WILD? Anyway, you don’t necessarily have to repeat mentally a sentence over and over until you fall asleep while practising MILD. You repeat it, say, 20 times, being convinced you will have a LD, then you fall asleep as usual.

Thats always what im doing… it work for me.

Or WBTB with MILD.