Have you been to PANDORA! ?

Hello guys!

Today, my question is:

Have you been to the PANDORA (the imaginary place illustrated in the film AVATAR by james cameroon) , when you b’come lucid?
Being one of the Na’vi, flying on TORUK!, etc,. :happy:

Have anyone tried this?

I have done something like that once, have been searching my DJ for it but can’t find it. I haven’t really succeeded though, from what I remember now, I tried riding on such a flying dragon thing but I had trouble materializing things, so it wasn’t as beautiful and all that as the movie was.
But where did I put that dream now?

Well let’s see; where did you last have it? :content:

On topic; no i didn’t do so but I think it’s a brilliant idea. I really really enjoyed the movie so it would be amazing to go there… nice :content:

This should totally be April’s Lucid Dreaming Quest!!! :wink:

I would absolutely love to do this! I loved Avatar and I’m suprised noone’s mentioned visiting pandora before. I’ve been trying to visit pandora in an LD for a while now. So far i’ve only managed to have one ND about Pandora but it was amazingly vivid and I got to fly on a banshee!

I fell asleep with the DVD menu music playing trying to to incubate the dream and it worked so Im goingt to keep trying and maybe I’ll get lucid next time.

And I totally agree with this! What a great idea for a quest!

yeah would be a great quest but i heard that there were suicides committed because people thought their life sucked after seeing this movie…Bad luck if they just found out lucid dreaming is a real thing they would have lived…im just saying :bored:

There was a fairly detailed and lengthy ND I had a few months back that took place on Pandora. Here’s the excerpt from my DJ:

:smile: Enjoy!

@bellatrix 18:

Keep trying, and you WILL succeed!


My best wishes to go into PANDORA!

Ive always wanted to go there but every time i have an LD the thought escapes my mind completely :sad:
The movie was amazing, I really want to try the stuff in that move in my LDs! The things i would like to do the most are:

  1. feel the transition between being you and the avatar
  2. ride an ikran
  3. explore the jungle at night

Avatar is one of my favorite movies. :smile: I’ve had many lucid dreams where I’ve been to Pandora, I actually did a personal challenge on this about a year ago. I dreamt a continuous plot, each lucid dream about it would continue where the previous one left off. The whole Pandora lucid dream series I had can be found here: LINK (links to another forum)

I watched the avatar with the idea of lucid dreaming in mind. Being able to go into another body, another world, to abandon the limitations and responsibilities of this life are all things very familiar to me as a lucid dreamer. I think I liked the movie so much because I’m a lucid dreamer. None of my friends (non lucid dreamers) were too impressed by that movie…

After watching the movie, I did try to incubate a dream about pandora and even once trid to open a door there in a LD, but my lucid skills are not what they used to be, and none of these attempts worked out.

Mecha, you had an amazing dream and I feel the imagery that you are describing, and the plot seems to be twisty, but somewhat similar. /envy :smile:

Hey Luminous, interesting series of LDs. I just wish I could get more than one or two a year. :tongue:

Avex, most of my dreams are either dull, nonsensical, or forgotten before I wake up, but every once in a blue moon I’ll have a vivid ND with an actual plot. Most of the entries in my DJ are of that type, which is why I tend to go so long between updates. :peek: