Have you ever asked a DC "Why Im dreaming this?"

Have you ever asked a dream character the question “Why Im dreaming this dream?”, and if so, what have they answered?. I’m interested in questions like why “Why a pink dog is running inside my dream?” or Why I keep dreaming about my school?". In my last LD I tried for the first time to talk to a DC to see what he say (in my LDs I like to fly) and he answered in something that sounded like chinese to me so I didn’t undertand anything. Thanx for your comments. See ya.

I’ve never even met any DCs in my LDs.
Next time I’ll find them and ask them why.

I once asked my “deam mum” what she represents, she answered : " To lose…"

Another time i asked her who she really was, and she answered : " an Alpha…"

i also once asked a DC who the dreamer was, he told me the dreamer was “noisy”…

I guess the answers depends on how you ask the question…

I always like talking to my DC’s if I ask why certain things are happening in my dreams they usually respond they dont know. Once cool experiance with a DC was when i was alwas asking my DC’s for about a week what was the meaning of life and finally one of them (who happened to be a good friend) said the meaning of life is to live… pretty simple but makes sense!

I’ve asked them that a butt load of times.
Usually they don’t reply or they don’t know.

Some times they answer otherwise. Here are some of them:

“Because you need to”
“You should know you’re the one doing it.”
“Everything happens for a reason.”
“To prepare you.”
“Because it’s you at your purest!”

The last one is my favorite.

Wow those answers are pretty deep :smile:

I never really asked that particular question, but once during a lucid nightmare, I asked my opponent (a big monster with four arms) why he keeps attacking me. He immediately changed into a young girl who replied “nothing to be worried about really… it’s all in good fun, and it’s because we were lovers once” :eh: