Have you ever dreamed some holy man?

Hello! I want to now what is the connection between us and the holy people. How many of you had a dream with Jesus, Buddha Sai Baba, and what did they told you. Are those holy man part of us or they are some force that come to our dreams to tell us something important. Came on lets have a discussion about this. I am really really interested in this subject!

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Well. I can start off by saying I am not religious. But I am interested in religion, and I like Buddhism quite a bit. I have dreamed at least twice of meeting the Dalai Lama. One of the times actually, at what I think may have been the same time as my parents were at this thing in Italy where he, was. Which I found interesting. I don’t remember if it was that time, but in one of the dreams at least, I remember he touched my hand, and I recieved some sort of energy from him. I know it’s not like meeting the Buddha or Jesus but some would certainly call him a holy man. Now in Buddhism, there is the idea that there is no “you, me and them”. Everything is one. In that way, they are part of us, though there is no us of which to be part, only the oneness of the universe. As they like to say, the consciousness, or light. It’s all energy.

I think either is possible, either that they are just a dream chartacter, or that they are actually from outside. I think you could probably tell if they are real or not, because there is a certain way in which things in dreams generally behave. I think if a genuine holy person were to appear in your dreams, what they would say to you would be something very strange to you; not something you have thought about, but something profound. I don’t think they would appear to someone unless there was a purpose. They would tell you something you wouldn’t have concieved of your own accord.

I don agree completely with you. You can dream some friend of yours who has a deferent opinion of you, not all DC agree with you. You can get blessing from your neighbor but he is not a holy person.

Even though i have never dreamed of a ‘‘holy man’’ but i had this dream that i heard a voice that would suggest me that it was God’s-thunder like. NOW, whether that voice was truly His or not, that is another story.

I’ve dreamed with Jesus twice… Once he gave me some advice, which didn’t make much sense. The other time he studied on the same school as I did, along with the Devil (yesterday’s dream, check it out at my DJ).

I’ve also dreamed with an unnamed Shaman once.

I think that not always is gonna be real but still that doesn’t mean that such thing cannot occur.

Uh… What? You mean he giving me real advice? I know that can happen, but in that particular time it wasn’t something that made much sense :smile:

Talking about advice… Please be more clear on your replies :happy: Sorry if this sounds rude.

Sorry, It’s just that i’m very lazy when typing and always go too much to-the-point.
But retaking the subject, the only moment you’ll know is a real advice is when it goes according to the entity’s source- the bible on this case.

I dreamed about a holy man just once - it was a very long time ago now, and I have no idea which religion he belonged to. He was African and just spoke to me in a comforting manner. There was also a really fun treasure hunt in that dream, so I have fond memories of it. :smile: