Have you ever fallen back asleep and finished a dream?

Hi! I’m pretty sure someone has probably done this already on another part of the site, but I’ll try it anyway.

Have you ever had a great dream, but you woke up before it was finished, then you fell back asleep thinking about the dream and you were actually able to continue the dream? This has happened to me before a few times and often I have to wake up and go back to sleep three or four times before I actually finish the dream. If you do it successfully it is a great way to become lucid, as while you are going to sleep the only thing in your mind is a vivid picture of what your dream will be like and sometimes what you plan to do to finish the dream (kind of like The Big VILD Topic). When I do this it is a lot like WILD, I sit there thinking about the dream, the people, the scenery, and all of a sudden I seem to jump into the pictures formed in my mind and I realize I’m dreaming again. Sometimes I use lucidity to figure out an end to the dream. Sometimes I actually try to lose lucidity so I can let my subconcious tell me the end (it usually has better ideas than my boring endings).

Anyway, this is the place to write if this has ever happened to you.

That happens to me almost everytime I wake up a little early and go back to sleep. And i will be more likely to become Lucid. I noticed though when ever this happens and I fall back asleep and my dream then takes a wild turn but starts out the same.

This is called “Chaining” and is described in the lucid dream digibook

But yeah, I have… I’ve had dreams that continued night after night… 6 nights long… :razz:

But also re-entered dreams too, (not on purpose)

And it’s also described on the forum as the “dream reentry”. I managed to do it once.

I tried it last night, but I was actually having a FA!!

Yep, indeed, very efficient technique to be a LD-Spammer. :tongue:

yea this has happened to me alot and once led to a fa

Yes, I have done this quite a few times :smile: It’s a great way to finish a good dream especially if you can manage to go lucid.

I do this all the time. I generally don’t sleep very much. So when I do, I often wake up after a couple of hours like normally. If I have a dream stuck in my head, I’ll just go back to sleep and finish it.

I’ve done this quite a few times. Chaining is actually quite simple, I’ve done it ever since I was little without even knowing what I was doing. :wink:

I managed it three normal dreams in a row. It was way before I heard of LD

Yes, and I used it to become lucid.

Heehee I did that last night/this morning, I kept waking up and going back into the same dream. Eventually it led to an LD because I realized that I’d just continued the dream from before.

Dream on. // Olesia

Ya, I do that alot and there becomes a greater chance of me becoming lucid, and I feel better when I wake up!

Its rare for me. But this week I had a dream about being in hospital. Woke up, and then had another related dream about being in hospital.