Have you ever had a lucid dream where you couldn't do anything?

I realized that I was dreaming, but I wasn’t in the dream so there was nothing I could do. I wasn’t able to manipulate the dream with just thoughts either. Got mad about it and woke up lol.

It was a dream about Mario telling Bowser “I did your mom” and then stealing all his money and his son, if you were curious.

Maybe it was just a FLD (false lucid dream)? Lucidity is a continuous spectrum ranging from completely oblivious normal dream to hyperreal, exalted state of consciousness lucid dream. You might just have been somewhere in the middle :mrgreen:

Full lucid dreams usually have a special feeling to them, which often comes as a jump at the moment you realize you are dreaming, but it may also slowly build up. I guess this feeling was not present in this dream?

I had this too but I think it was something more than a lucid dream.
I lied down to take a nap and I was SO sure I was still awake so I wanted to turn around and when I opened my eyes i was suddenly in a completley different place
I was in front of a school on a basketball field. I never experienced something like that bc it felt like I was teleported there, but then I saw that I was invisible. So I thought to myself okay this must be a dream. And so I tried to make a handstand bc stuff like this (acrobatics, jumping flying) is of course easier in the dresm than in the real world. but then I noticed with shock that I couldn’t. I felt the weight of my body as if I was at a normal place in RL. I tried to make a roll on the stone floor and I felt the pressure and it hurt. So I walked around that court but the people playing basketball couldn’t see me. Here comes now the interesting part which is similar to yours. I realized I couldn’t do nothing and I got bored :rofl::rofl::rofl: and then I slid into a normal “dream”

Till this day idk what this was

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I wouldn’t get too caught up on making things happen. Sometimes you have less control than others. It depends on a lot of factors. Level of lucidity is a big one, but sometimes clarity and “realness” of the dream can contribute.

Almost anything you do in a dream is based on expectations. Once you get the idea in your head that you have no power or control, that’s going to be what happens. While it may be frustrating, I say roll with it. Go around and explore in your dream. I promise you will find things of interest. There’s a lot more to lucid dreaming than just doing whatever you want. Of course, keep reminding yourself that you’re dreaming so you don’t lose lucidity.