Have you ever smelt ''Sleep Odor''?[Bioanesthesia]

When conciously sleeping, i have smelt this odor [that for some reason i know is not from outside my body] that is very peculiar, i haven’t smelt that odor in any other place/moment but when in 1st stage of Non-REM. It seems like a ‘‘Bioanesthesia’’, the only think i can compare the odor is to the anesthesics.

take a shower?


nah, im just kidding man. it sounds like a hypnagogic hallucination of some kind that happens to be smelt rather then seen or heard or felt.

yeah, maybe the body ‘‘hypnotizes/hallucinates’’ the body using all the senses; except perphaps the taste.

It would be a Hypnogogic Smell I guess. I haven’t noticed any such thing I think. sounds interesting though. I think you can taste things as well. but as far as i know smell and taste are not very common HHs.
I find it interesting that you only feel it in stage-1 sleep. Because that is the time for me when my senses seem to quiet down. (if I identified that stage correctly) I am thinking that, perhaps this shift in consciousness just carries with it, for you, this sense of a smell. If thsi reminds you of anesthetics, could it be that it reminds you of norcosis? non-REM is quiet sleep. and as far as i know, so is narcosis. So, stage one is sort of a “falling” stage, and likewise, when you are inhaling the anesthetic you are in a “falling” stage. I feel like I’m way out on a limb here. lol.

exactly Krakatoa;
but do scientists/psychologists know about this HH? i mean have they discovered it yet? we know they know REM and the stuff we know.

I think they are trying to investigate into it , but since its uncommon its REALLY hard trying to get anything useful out of it (i mean 3 out 100 subjects reports smelling something ? thats more than a little chancy if you do it really scientifically )

I think this has something to do with anesthetics being associated with the feeling of drowsiness and sleep , and this comes up during HH … i really doubt that this is “real”

Well, whether is real or not, it was something weird i wanted to share. :tongue:

my girlfriend often says i smell like sleep

Really?! :content: , maybe that’s another smell :content: ,
No, but ON SERIOUS NOTE, perphaps is something that can be smelled outside us. :eh:

I have had that before when I’m hallucinating like some kind of shapes or sometimes even in dreams. It’s weird I can’t describe the smell, it’s not unpleasant either. The other day I got it when I was meditating and I noticed that smell was very familiar.

Oh really? So then appears to be something as normal as the other sleep stuff.