Haven't been here in a looong time,

so I’d like to say I’ll be back now adays. ^.^ hello

Hi Trung :smile:
Welcomeback! :wink:

Your avatar still is beautiful as ever!
She is pretty lol


Welcome back! Yes, I have to agree with Jeff, your avatar is so beautiful and different! I love it! :biggrin: Again, welcome back! :biggrin:

thank you both! I’m glad to be welcomed back so warmly! ^.^ and by two of the people whose names I REMEMBER! yay! ^.^

DM7, I like your new avatar, and Jeffs silly penguin is still so so funny. ^.^ and thank you for the compliments. ^.^

I have lots of things to post tomorrow, but it’s late right now, so I will…post tomorrow. Yea. Thanks. ^.^

Welcome back, you remember me, don’t you?!
Everyone loves that avatar.
Erm, welcome back, I was worried I wouldn’t see you post anymore lol!
Now if only Nothin would come back…

Yesh. And I remember you Infection. And thanks once more for the compliment. ^.^ This is my favorite avatar. ^.^ I hope Nothin will come back too. I wanted to post things today, but because I’m not good with Javascript, it took me most of the period to make to simple programs. So I have not time today. So sorry. ^.^

It’s sad that the experiments board has not moved at all! I still am the last poster for the elevator one. And that is like, 5th board. -.- oh well.

I’m glad to be welcomed back so warmly. ^.^

Welcome back, Trung :content: Just the other day I was thinking how you weren’t showing up much anymore… Nice to see you posting again!

welcome back! Hope you continue having fun @ LD4all :happy: Glad to see your back (you do remember me right? :eh: )

yesh! I remember all of you! wow. I didn’t think I would either. ^.^