Having issues, need suggestions

Hey guys

I started practicing my own WILD technique about a month ago. All was well and good, except now I have new work and I can’t afford to do any WBTB methods because I need sleep so I can get up for early mornings starts.
So I think the best thing for me now is to practice something before or as I’m going to sleep. I know there’s MILD and DILD, I’ve practiced these before with some success. I’m terrible with remembering to do RCs though especially when I’m around people.

So based on the above, what are your suggestions regarding methods I should practice or would get the most out of?


MILD is also usually best practiced together with WBTB in order to get the best results, although doing it when you go to sleep is not a bad idea either - so you can keep doing it. I guess your best try is to improve your chances of getting a DILD, which indeed requires doing constant RC’s. It sounds simple, but I agree that you need to do some work before it becomes a habit. Try doing it step by step at first, during certain situations of your daily routine. Firstly, try to get a habit of doing RC’s when you wake up. When that is done, try doing RC’s whenever you go to work, as that will probably appear in your dreams quite often. In some time, you will probably be doing RC’s more frequently, which should increase your chances.

Good luck! :wink:

If you are really dedicated to the quest then you can succeed without WBTB. Dedication will become important because without WBTB you will need more time to achieve instant success which might discourage you. And of course I’m talking about DILD techniques.

When it comes to WILD and WBTB I guess you can still try it like 2 times peer week if you don’t need to take to much time for WBTB. It might become a good thing. Who knows. What also might help is to use suggestions. One that I found the most useful is to trying to wake up after the dream. Then you can use DEILD/WILD and it won’t disturb your sleep cycle as WBTB might…

For me DILD techniques required much more dedication then WILD techniques. It’s just made out from more parts then WILD. RC’ing, mantras, suggestions, training mnemonic memory and such things. It also a longer learning curve. Although I always considered DILD to be higher quality then WILD because at the end WILD is nothing more then knowing how to fall asleep properly.

When doing DILD techniques many more aspect we train and the experience at the end is a more quality. So I guess for your situation is a win/win situation. Somehow you force this on yourself because you wanna learn and practice LD’ing and as the result you will become better LD’er and you can still practice WILD and WBTB on the nights when you feel like.

Good luck! :content:

I think you’re onto something. When I wake up I’m drowsy, then I just start thinking about what I have to do to get ready, what I’m going to do at work, etc. So my mind wanders a fair bit but if I can remember to do an RC when I wake up it might help me to remember at other times. I’ll give it a try at least :smile:

I was always bad at DEILDs. I think it’s because, as I mentioned above, my mind wanders and I end up in a different dream and not realizing it lol

Sounds like the way to go would be DILD. I agree when you said that it’s more work. My main problem is remembering the RCs. That aside, any other suggestions on how to improve my DILDing practice?