Having lucid dreams but forgetting the memories

So I had a lucid dream last night that im 99% sure happened and it was great and fun and I remember waking up from it and instilling in my memories that I had a lucid dream. But I have no memory or recollation of the dream at all!

How do I avoid this? I cant use a light to write it down right away because i am visiting my brother and am at his apartment!

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That’s a good question. It happens to me often enough that I wake up from an awesome dream (lucid or not) and think I’ll definitely remember that, even though I can’t write it down straight away for one reason or another. And then when I finally get to journaling I can’t remember the content at all, only that I really wanted to recall it.

What sometimes helps is to identify a key element of the dream and memorize this a deeply as possible while you still have the memory. This one straw may later be enough to trigger the entire memory to come back. My results with this trick vary quite a lot, but sometimes it works wonders.
Tldr: don’t try to keep the whole dream in memory but only an important piece to later retrieve the whole thing


Better than waking yourself up because somehow you believe that you need to record what happened without missing anything

I recently got a book light to write down my dreams because I had the same problem with someone else being in the flat at night, I couldn’t turn on my lamp. I got a book light with a really low light, it’s dimmable and also has different colors for night writing without waking your eyes up! I have also seen pens with a light on them.