Having problems with dream recall

I used to remember my dreams without any difficulty or the need to remind myself to do so. A few weeks ago I stopped remembering them completely. Over a week ago I started using methods suggested on this site to try to remember my dreams. The first night went OK. I could remember 3 dreams in varying levels of detail. Since that night my recall has gotten rapidly worse. By the second night i could still remember 3 dreams but in no detail (about one sentence in my dream journal). For the last 5 nights it has only been one dream and one sentence.

I’ve tried using reminders, the water trick, repeating to myself that I will remember my dreams/have interesting dreams, and I’ve convinced myself that I will. Nothing seems to be helping. I’ve not been drinking coffee or getting drunk every night (I heard that they could hinder dream recall). Has anyone got any suggestions?

The thing is that DR kinda comes and goes… Just keep writing down everything you can rember and in a few weeks everything will be back 2 normal.