Having problems with WILD and MILD.

Basically, it’s hard for me to get to sleep, whenever I try WILD or even MILD, I just eventually get a tingling feeling going over me, I think that might be my body beggining to go to sleep, but it always fades, or I need to move because part of me is uncomfortable…

Can anyone think of any aids to getting to sleep that won’t hinder dream recall or lucidity - I can get to sleep fine, but not while thinking about remembering my dreams and having lucid ones.

Hi Lupustheflyingdog.

If you do MILD at night, dont keep at it too long. Do it for 10 minutes and quit, just go to sleep without further thought on it. Also, it seems to me that for you WILD might be not such a good idea to practise at night when you go to bed, but perhaps combined with WBTB (you can stay up as short as you like, for me personally the shorter the better) it might work since you fall asleep faster that way. Good luck!

Whoops, thought WILD was what MILD is, and MILD is what WBTB is…

Anyway, I’ll try WBTB properly, with an alarm clock, thanks :smile:

I have the same problem with WILD. It’s better to WILD in the morning, when you’ll fall asleep faster, much more successful that way.