Having problems

Well I have lucid dreams about 2-4 times a week. I realize I’m dreaming and most of the time I can fly and thats really about it. Basicly what’s the key to creating magic in a lucid dream? Is the ablity limited or unlimited?

You are totally unlimited as to what you can do. The trick is to believe that you can. Sort of like in the movie the Matrix… you have to believe you can… don’t think you can, KNOW you can.

Of course… its not always easy to attach on to a belief like that. Flying will loosen you up because you are already excepting the fact that physical laws hold no sway. You can trick yourself into making things appear by,say expecting something to be there and then turning around or turning the corner and it usually will be.

Really thats all I can tell you. Perhaps if you want to start doing magic… summon a wand that will do it for you until you believe you can do it? Maybe?

Yes expecting things in a dream usually makes them happen. Everyone experienced one nightmare, and the entire dream was created because of fear and anxiety. In my most recent LD I saw a strange thing outside my window floating around, but the first thought that came to mind is that it was a fish, and I guess it was. Too bad it was an ugly one because I lost interest in it and I didn’t see it anymore.

LD is the perfect training ground for a positive attitude and more success IRL. Visualize your success, expect the outcome, and you will unconsciously prepare yourself both physically and mentally for anything you set your mind to. One thing I’ve heard is that you should visualize things in 1st person, and not 3rd person (seeing yourself) because your brain can relate to it better.

I’ve had success with the magic wand before, even back when I had only just discovered lucid dreaming. Basically, once you get hold of the wand, it’s easy to visualize things happening because of the magic.

I actually spent the majority of one dream running around trying to find a wand so I could create a portal. I eventually found one in a draw near by bed, and suddenly I was able to use it to create a magical gateway. I guess holding a wand allows your mind to accept that magic is going to take place.

You can’t go wrong with the ‘expectation’ method though. Walking around a corner and finding exactly what you wanted to find gives your mind the satisfaction that you didn’t just defy physics in any way.