Having Trouble Sleeping

When ever I try to sleep I always either have too much things on my mind or am not comfortable.I usually get tired early and my family makes a lot of noise(tv, talking, listening to music, etc.). Does anyone know a way to help fall asleep? :help:

you should try some relaxation methods, and maybe try wearing earplugs.


my english is poor, sorry. :neutral:
you heard about the brainwaves?
maybe you must try this.

www.bwgen.com, and download some presets from sleep or meditation section. if you need crack, try search in astalavista.com
“Delta-Is-Going-To-Knock-You-Out” is a good preset, or search some preset with theta frequencies (~4-8HZ) or lower delta freq. (3-0.1)
Theta is freq of dreams, delta is freq of the deep sleep.
Maybe this will help. More better if you make wav files from the preset and burn to the cd. Not necessary convert to mp3.
I use it from cdplayer, or pocketpc with small earphones. (Louder sound is not better.)

I cant use the brainwave thing but thanks for the help. I might be able to get earplugs but I don’t know any relaxation methods. Thanks for the help.
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