Having trouble waking up after dream

I havent had a lucid dream yet, but I wanted to know something no book has ever told me before; after you have REM do you wake up? or do you go straight back into the cycle? This leads to another question, if you are supposed to wake up after REM why dont I?

edit: sorry im really anxious to have a lucid dream and i have lots of questions :happy: . When using MILD are you supposed to keep concentrating on the intent to remember your dream until you fall asleep? or just very close to falling asleep? I tried it for the first time yesterday and it seemed if I kept focused on my intent i couldnt sleep, after about an hour i just gave up and went to sleep, but didnt remember my dream, but thats probably just because its my first time. I dont know.

For your first question:

I’m not an expert on sleep stages, I’m afraid. But I think it goes somethign along the lines of this:

  • Fall asleep
  • nREM (1)
  • nREM (2)
  • REM
  • Very brief awakening (seconds - you won’t remember this)
  • nREM (1)
  • nREM (2)
  • REM
  • Very brief awakening

And so on. Each time, REM gets longer (reaching up to an hour in the early morning).

Of course, I’m quite likely wrong at some point. So if someone says otherwise, then they’re probably right :wink:.

On your second question:

It is best to fall alseep still focused on that intention. But it you can’t, then just doing it half an hour or so should do.

Thanks a lot im getting excited to go to sleep again tonight :grin:

For detailled info on sleep cycles, go here (Sureal too :razz:)


On waking up; some people wake up indeed after each REM (perhaps we all do, dunno). But you dont nececarily remember this in the morning.

If you do MILD, it’s not a good idea indeed to create an insomnia with it. For me, when I started MILD, I did it 10 - 15 minutes, and then went back to sleep normally, not forcing myself to think of it. If the thought of a LD comes naturally, then its ok. Besides this, I always combined it with WBTB because MILD has not very much effect in the evening.

I’m too lazy to commit that to memory :wink:.