Having troubles, one post wonder

Okay, this is my first post, making me offically a one post wonder. okay.


  1. I used to lucid dream when I first started my dream journal (even though i would always wake up after words.) Now i am not.
  2. Some times i reach for my dream journal IMMEDIATLY after a dream, only to forget it as soon as i try to write it down.
  3. once or twice, i asked myself in a dream if i was dreaming, and then concluded that i wasn’t. how do i stop this?

This is 3 of many more problems. help? (i can’t do WILD or MILD for reasons i won’t say).

  1. Chances are, it’s because you’re doing something different. Perhaps you don’t think about LD’ing as much as you use too.

Think back to when you did get LD’s, and ask yourself what you did differently.

  1. When you wake up, instead of reaching for your DJ straight away, instead lay there a little while. Think about your dreams.
    Once you have them firmly in your mind, then write them down.

Another tip - if you don’t already, keep your DJ close to your bed. If you move around a lot, there’s a greater chance of you forgetting your dreams.

  1. Use RC’s. Pick around three.
    Everytime you think you may be dreaming, try your RC’s. They should tell you you’re dreaming.

Thx. I’ll try that. I’ve been having luck with the software on this site, so it’s all good.