Hazy Dreams ?!?!?

Hey, total noob here. My question is what level of clarity do you lucid dreamers have? When I dream and wake up the next day and remember my dreams (IF i remember the dream)I always remember it as a REALLY unclear and hazy dream. If i remember my dream the morning after, it seems to me like its a distant memory. Is this something that will improve as i improve my dream recall or could i end up with perfect dream recall of hazy, unclear, and crappy dreams forever? :help:

your dreams will get more vivid and less hazy as you improve

That happents to me sometimes my dreams are really hazy around the edges but in lucid dreams if you pay attention there are lots of details

It varies for me. But lucid dreams are generally very clear, with a few exceptions. It seems mostly it’s about recall, but sometimes dreams are just hazy. It’s easy to see when one remembers a dream pretty well, but does not write it down until later and it’s all fuzzy.

Your dreams will become more vivid and clear as dream recalal improves. In addition lucid dreams tend to be much more vivid.

I find my small amount of LDs have been generally clear, but when they havnt been i hardly remember anything :sad:
I have heard some people say they feel that it was like real life

Well the dreams i know for a fact are all completely detail but when i remember them they are hazy

There are two things working here.
First, the dream itself can be fuzzy or hazy. This deppends on the dream, but tends to lessen as you pay more attention to dreaming. It can happen even after your recall is very good and may have something to do with your SC trying to tell you something, or could just be a bad night for dreaming.
Second, the dream could have been very clear but your recall is fuzzy or hazy. I have this problem a lot. I know that during the dream everything was clear, but I start loosing that as I wake up. This generaly lesses as your DR gets better.