Head North

Has anyone tried sleeping with there head facing North. It is supose to help with vivid dreams, and I know it works for me. It makes sence if you think about it. Im going to sleep with a big magnet under my pillow, and face North tonight. Give it a try, and see if it helps.
Edit… Well acording to this artical its bad to face North. I dont know now. Ive heard both. What do you think.

in.answers.yahoo.com/question/in … 226AAApvwS

but this artical suggest for better DR to sleep head North. Im going to go with this artical.

I can never decide whether or not to believe in that stuff.
I’ve found that my DR depends almost entirely on whether or not I’m currently keeping a DJ.
But it might be worth sleeping to the north a few times, just to see if anything works.

Let me know how it turns out please. Infact I would like to have a pole on the subject…

I’ve sleep north every time I sleep in my own bed. :smile:

I do have some very vivid dreams, but… never any lucid ones.

No it doesn’t.

You can sleep facing North, Kava. Nothing significant will happen either way.

Now when I think about it, I always sleep with my head against north when Im home, never thought about this :tongue:

I havent noticed anything different if I sleep in any other direction, hmm, maybe Ill try to face south in my bed for one week and see what happens, it never harms to at least test :tongue:

You mean a north pole? :tongue:

Kava, think about it - how many people in this world are there that would not have any clue of this information, and sleep with their head in any other direction other than north, will be having vivid dreams right now?! Way too many to make it statistically significant that facing north DOES NOT increase dream recall.