Head To Head Lucid Dreaming.....real or not???

i once read somewhere that ancient ansesters would go into caves and dream together, and that they would actualy enter each others dreams… i think i saw a painting of them dreaming in each others dreams…i was just wondering is this realy an OOBE, or are they realy head to head dreaming? And if so who here has achieved this and would like to tell their story? i for one would love to hear it.

I read about two hypnotists who went into trance together and had a mutual dream experience.

In a new-age shop I was told of a similar thing happening.

I believe it is possible (anything is, really) but it is definately the kind of thing you have to experience yourself to understand.

lol i think i will b loving it when i find that out for my self, i am gonna try when i remember how to LD properly, sigh to devote my life to it :razz: