I havent had a LD yet, but I had a FA, in which i remembered that I did a RC, which made me wakeup with a HUGE headache.
I was not drinking, or dehydrated.

Really confusing.

Has anyone else had something like this happen to them?

No I can’t recall ever having an experience like that. Unless it happens again I would not worry about it. Just because you woke up with a headache that does not mean the two are connected. I have allergies which often causes me to awaken with a headache.

I agree with milod789: there doesn’t have to be a connection between your headache and the previous FA. In any case, I haven’t heard of such a connection either. Sounds pretty strange…
Perhaps you had an accumulation of chi energy in your head? Did you feel tingling sensations in your navel area, heart area or between your eyes, prior to your headache?

wtf? you mean chi tea?

no, i didnt have any tea… or caffeen

i awoke when i realised it was a FA, then i was freaking out from the headake IRL

No I didn’t mean chi tea :smile: According to Eastern medicine, most physical complaints and diseases are a result of blockages or accumulation of life energy, or chi. Western science doesn’t acknowledge the existence of such energy, but that doesn’t prove its nonexistence either :smile:
The navel area in particular is said to be a collection point of this chi. If you have lots of chi here you can feel it as soft and warm tingling sensations. If you don’t do anything about it, the chi can flow to the head while asleep, so you wake up with big headaches as a result.

Taking a RC is not a LD. A FA is just a ND (ooh, going acronym crazy here). You just had a normal dream in which you made an action.

As such, the headache has nothign at all to with the dream.

Could you explain more of what ‘chi’ is?
life energy? what does it do? and what can you do with it?

Tough question :smile: I don’t think there is an exact definition. But I’ll do my best :smile:
Most esoteric traditions of the world believe the human body isn’t simply a mix of physical compounds which work together dynamically to produce life. In fact, they say the whole human body consists of several layers (some say 7) whereby the first layer is the one of the physical body. Higher levels exist only on other planes: the etheric body exists on the etheric plane of existence; the astral body is on the astral plane, etc… These higher bodies consist of some kind of “energy”, chi. I don’t think there’s a better word than this, because chi cannot be seen on the physical plane, thus exact explanations in physical recognizable terms won’t work. The physical body is only the visible manifestation of this life energy; a way to represent itself to us. Chi is called life energy because it is through chi that life exists.
Normally, this chi flows through the physical body in a very slow rate. Problems can arise when chi is lost, accumulates, flows too fast through narrow energy vessels,… When this happens, and nothing is done about it, it will emerge as a physical problem after some time.

Now, it’s very important to understand the different approach between Western medicine and the Eastern one:

In the West, doctors deny the existence of higher planes. They believe diseases and physical complaints originate on the physical level. Furthermore, they develop medicines only to treat the effects of the illness, not the true source.
In the East however people look at diseases in a more holistic way. They believe the physical complaints are the outcome of disruptions in chi flow on the higher planes. Whatever malfunction happens on the physical level, it has always its origin on the underlying and higher etheric levels. This is because chi itself regulates the entire physical body.
Compare it with a simple video projector: the physical body is regulated by the higher energy bodies in the same way as the projected images are regulated by the projector. Remove the projector and the images are gone too. In waking life, we can only see the outcome of the projection. We can never see the projector itself, unless we practice. When the imagery gets all distorted, Western medicine treats the projected imagery while neglecting the projector. Eastern doctors look through the projected imagery and treat the projector itself, the real source of the illness.

This is a very very brief explanation. Chinese chi medicine is highly advanced and detailed. Just take a look at a acupuncture manual :smile:

You can stimulate your energy body to let the chi flow again. This must be done very slowly, because your whole energy system was kept almost dormant on the lowest level for practically all your life! Raising the chi activity can have great healing effects in time, because this way you can prevent various chi malfunctions (accumulation, chi loss,…).

i ve headaches when i sleep too long…and i regret sleeping too long then…