Healing emotions

I had an experience some years ago whilst having a LD, where I basically summoned a person I was angry at, and then imagined some sort of beam going through them (magnified by a lens) and I remember I could feel my annoyance flowing through me until it finally dissolved. Upon waking up, my anger towards that person had completely disappeared and I was feeling fine. I have never had the chance to test this further, but I would like to know whether our fellow members have had similar experiences concerning this.
Basically the hope was that of using LDs as some sort of therapeutical device, if that is even possible.
Any thought/experiences/considerations?


In some of the dreaming books I’ve read, dreams can be very useful tools for healing and working through past traumas, pains, experiences or things like that.

I’ve had some experiences that lead me to believe that this is true.

I think it’s not only possible but very likely LD’s can be used as a therapeutic device, not just for things that you’re consciously aware of, like your anger towards that person, but also for things that you may be holding onto without being aware of it. (Such as being mad at someone and not letting go of that anger for years even though you don’t think about it)

Experiment and let us know what you find!

i definittly believe dreams can heal. Yahweh sends His angels dreams. bumping this post up. LDing is fun and all but healing the psyche and other people is more fun and powerful and a huge reason LDs feel freeing.