Healing in Lucid Dreams?


Wondering if anyone had ever used lucid dreaming to try and heal themself of some health problem or ailment?



no.sounds cool man

Yeah, I’ve heard of the idea before.You mean like through supernatural means, or teaching your body how to heal it in your dream?

I have not done so personally… but I have been reading this book on neuroplasticity and how the brain can change itself. Although the book does not relate anything specific to lucid dreaming or even dreaming, it has sparked numerous ideas in me about the possiblities that lucid dreaming could potentially effect the neural pathways in our brain and therefore making new neural connections, or even extinguishing unwanted connections.

The idea behind brain plasticity is ‘either you use it or lose it’. Neural pathways that are being used are strenghthened. If they are not used they are lost… which gave me the idea that is why we dream… because if we spend 8 hours with a switched off brain, it would be very hard to start up again the next morning. So… something has to happen in the night to keep the neural networks alive. And obviously those that are most important to us are the ones that can get switched on.

I don’t here… I am just thinking out loud here…

Sounds solid enough to me Carnun. Because the original post asked if LDng could help with ailments or health problems and if memory serves me correct there have been people who have worked on obesity for example. Psychological ailments can be considered in his question too, for me anyways.

The brain is constantly working. “use it or lose it” is absolutely true. Have you ever read about the study done on these nuns or their brains I should say? When I get home I’ll look for it and edit this post. I think it may be helpful with what I think you’re toying with here.

I didn’t find the article, I’m sure it’s in one of my text books. You can google “nuns donate brain” and you’ll find it, if interested.

I see a correlation between the study and what you’re saying because of the brain’s ability to be so pliable and how it’s constantly working. The body is however limited as to how much it can repair and I’d find it difficult to see that someone who has a broken bone would be able to repair the body any quicker during an LD than what it would normally heal at given the proper care.

If a person were to attempt some sort of repair or remedy for an ailment it would have to be a contained experiment and dedicated but It’s a good thought nonetheless.

Another interesting study I heard of, through a television show, was a paraplegic (sp) who agreed to have a very small device implanted into his brain, the part that controls movement (I was just having this conversation not too long ago with someone else) anywho… by simply recalling what movement was like, or better yet, by thinking things like moving right and/or left his brain was capable of sending these messages through the implanted device and onto a computer thus moving the mouse.

As you said, our mind is still totally active while we’re sleeping and our brain is capable of triggering our senses even though we are asleep i.e. twitching, crying…

You should take this one to the lab…

Good post! I hope I didn’t go too off topic :neutral:

Hi, I was curious about this, I searched and found the topic and wanted to reopen the discussion.

Has anyone here solved a problem they are having using their LDs?

Well, I’ve heard of someone who experienced chakra healing in their dreams and felt refreshed in the morning (that is, more refreshed than one ought to feel :content: ). It is also likely that illnesses which are affected by the placebo effect may be healed in dreams (ulcers, depression, etc.).

When I said solving a problem, I meant things like, understanding yourself better, understanding the reason of your reactions for example and not giving that reaction anymore… I wonder if I am making any sense for anyone :slight_smile:

THE Robert Waggoner?
I am still a novice but my first purpose for learning lucid dreaming is for healing. Not just myself, but others as well. My 2nd purpose is mutual dreaming, or dream-walking. I feel that this would be a must if I wanted to heal others.
I will let you know how it goes. I will practice on myself first seeing as I have a few minor health issues I’m dealing with.