Healing through LDing

How could I go about healing depression, and anxiety with LDing? Depression is so anoying. A few months ago I was contemplating suicide to the point of allmost doing it. I do not want to go out like that. I love life, but when Im depressed its ten times harder. I know you can heal using LDing as a tool, but I wouldnt know how to heal depression any sugestions?

Flying over the snowy caps of the Jackass Mountain range, feeling the cool wind in my face, I would look down upon the rivers of gold, surrounded by fields of red roses and wildflowers. I would see the wonder-whizzles, the type of deer of the area, drinking from the seemingly endless river. Seeing me above, they would look up, make their hauntingly beautiful call, which sound surprisingly similar to David Bowie, and race off, over the vast expanses of green fields and wildflowers.

Setting down near the river, I would look up upon the beauty of the night sky. With Saturn’s rings visably closer than usual, and a meteor shower of red flame, painting the night sky crimson. I would then meditate, and perhaps swim in the gold-tinted water, which allegedly tastes like champagne.

Use your imagination! You are in a world controlled completely by yourself, use it! The edge of the universe is our limits, constrained only by our own mental growth.