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Is the environment primarily responsible for health? It occurs to me that doctors cannot bestow health. Drugs simply supress, kill microbes, or mask symptoms, they cannot bring health. The body, the environment, these things are mainly responsible for brininging health, not science.

It’s science that had us understand these things about the body and environment at all. Before, illness was blamed on bad ghosts, or the ruler of your country unknowingly married his own mother or something. It’s because of science that we know to introduce disinfectant into our environment, so that hospitals can be a place for people to get healthier, instead of catching things from other sick people who were just there to get healthier too. Medical science has given us the idea of how one’s body works, and how to help it function if it has an innate unhealthiness like sickle-cell anemia or lupus or diabetes.

If you mask the symptoms of diabetes… thus, allowing the body to function instead of be in a perpetual sugar crash… and stay whole instead of losing a foot when you pull your socks off… how is that not bestowing health on the body? Are you saying that you’d personally rather lose a foot than take an insulin shot? Why?

Doctors and science are part of the society and therefore part of the environment that we are in. I don’t see how or why they must be made fully extricable from this world.

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