Hearing music while in a dream. *not lucid dream and OBE ex*

Well, I guess this might go here. I remember I’ve had dreams where I would hear music. I’ve had 3 “music dreams” All those times I’ve dreamed about music I always enjoy it. It’s so soothing . So relaxing. So amazing. Yet when I wake up I can’t remember them . I can remember the whole dream. Yet the music I can’t.

For example. Ones I was dreaming I was with my brother playing guitar. I couldn’t get it “right” Suddenly he tells me to give him the guitar. I gave him the guitar and he starts to play this amazing piece. I can’t remember how the music went. I somehow realized I was dreaming because I remember telling myself “I should remember which chords he’s playing cause I know I’m just dreaming” After a while I wake up. I rush to my guitar but can’t remember it .

Then another time. I had an OBE, I was sleeping. Then I begin to hear music. Suddenly I feel as if my spirit or something of me gets thrown way up high. I stopped hearing the music and was all the way in the sky. I could see a little speaker box telling me stuff, though I wasn’t paying attention to it. I didn’t want to move, somehow I thought that would wake me up. After a while I start to move. Like as If i was on a train. Then I look down and I could see a huge red mark . I end up landing on that mark. I was in an empty city. No one was there. It was wet as if it had just rained. I tried moving but suddenly get thrown up into the air once again. The speaker box starts to talk again. I keep ignoring it. After a while another red mark on the ground is shown and I begin to move. Suddenly I fall again and I’m on a field, there was one huge tree. There was a fence. On the other side I saw people as if they were on a festival. No one was seeing me. I tried to walk towards the fence but I ended up getting thrown back up into the air. Suddenly the speaker box starts talking once a gain. This time it was saying things that interested me. I remember wanting to listen and remember what it was telling me. Then I begin to fall again. This time I feel as if I was falling to me body. I start to hear music again. This time it slowly fades when I suddenly just wake up. It was weird D:

Anyways. How can i remember “sounds” while sleeping and stuff? And how can i have a OBE?

I’ve also had these music dreams and I love them! I believe (hope) it’s only a matter of practice. After I wake up from these dreams with the song in my mind I repeat it over and over to make sure it doesn’t fade away. I’ve only been able to remember a few notes though (they are usually instrumental). The problem is they are very complex, with many voices and instruments. I think if I jump out of bed to try to play it it goes away quickly. Just like ordinary DR.

I also sometimes create music in my mind as I’m in a hypnagogic state and can clearly hear it. After a while my SC starts playing with me, adding surprise notes and instruments… but that’s even harder for me to remember… :sad:

That’s the thing. Trying to remember the sounds or what ever I am listening to while in a dream state. Remembering images that happened in a dream is a lot more easier then trying to remember a specific sound or something like that.

Perhaps do what mattias did:

When in a hypnagogic state, you can try to induce some notes via your SC. Then, you can practice remembering them. It may work, it’s just a hunch ^_^.

Good luck :nuu:

i make music, and i hear music in my dreams all the time.
i even have been composing in my dreams, remembered it when i woke up and made a song out of it in real life. :smile:

Well, to remember music better, you need better DR, so practice that, or you can try taking vitamin b12 in pill form. Whenever I do, I remember everything in my dreams

i constantly hear the most amazing, beautiful music in hypnagogic state. the majority of the time the music is completely original, other times it will be incredibly intricately detailed remixes of the most random genres coming together to make such amazing sounds its unbelievable. its a bittersweet thing because its amazing for me, but im the only one that can hear it. I don’t try to induce it, I don’t even think. it just happens. I honestly feel like its a true gift. the sounds my mind generates are as, or more, beautiful than any masterpiece ive heard. I have no idea what to do with it. I came across the word hypnagogic recently and looked it up, then tied its definition to what happens to me, and that led me here. if I could get this stuff out of my head and into the airwaves, I think the music would be very welcomed. any ideas???

I’m working on that too and it has to be possible because Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones got the song Satisfaction that way. He keeps a guitar next to his bed always he says. Then Bob Dylan must be doing something similar because he has made comments such that he gets into an intuitive state. In his recent speech at an awards ceremony referring to that intuitive state and songwriting he said “that’s how you do that”. I have heard music in the hypnagogic state a few times and at least for some it’s fairly simple in structure as to melody but it was the overall arrangement that brought out the beauty. When I heard it I picked up the recorder by my bed and hummed half sang the song and made a few comments. Then I worked it out to some degree on guitar.

I’ve heard music in dreams several times, but I mostly forget about them either immediately or during the day. But there is one tune I still hum sometimes, approximately ten years after dreaming it.