Hearing Voices (Hypnagogic Sound?)

I’ve always been a more aural than visual person, and when I’m trying to get to sleep I’ve always paid attention to the voices that speak as I’m getting close to dreaming, usually voices of people I know saying random things. Is this in the same category as HI, and is there a name for it?

I just started trying to induce LDs in the past month, and now can see HI more easily, but if I’m seeing things it’s harder to hear things and visa-versa. Does anyone know anything about this, or am I just crazy for hearing voices in my head =P

I hear voices before going to sleep all the time. They’re mostly scary and loud (e.g. DING DING!!!). Yeah you’re not crazy, most people have this (or visual disturbances).

I’ve had these a lot too. Most of them are weird, like I heard, when waking up once, a man saying “hermaphrodite chests”. :eh:

I sometimes hear people I know speak, but it’s not scary, because I notice that I make this up myself. But they speak my thoughts out, which is kinda cool. :tongue:

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see, it seems like a common thing but in all the things I’ve read about dreaming, I’ve found no reference to it. People seem to have plenty to say about HI, but nothing about sound.

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Hi Vi,

Yes, it’s common. It’s auditory HH. You can find many examples of this in this thread:The list of WILD sounds.

People who have HH easily when they get to sleep are said to be good at WILD.

Ah, thank you BW. That is the kind of thing I was looking for, but I didn’t know what search terms to use.

Apparently I have naturally developed the ability to hear HH while going to sleep, because I’ve been listening for years and can now hear distinct (if slightly nonsensical) conversations.

When you hear easily voices or sounds, a good WILD technique could be this one. You count from 1 to 10 repeatedly. When 5 of the numbers are heard as an external voice, it means you’re dreaming then you can roll out of your bed or stand up and you’re in a LD.