The list of WILD sounds

I don’t if any of you have heard these unusual sounds or music when you do WILD.I know they come from your head but is very strange to hear these sounds. I’ve only heard 3 type of sound while WILD’ing.
My WILD sounds:
1-a woman singing
2-some relaxing music
3-horse steps

Your WILD sounds:
1-people mumbling
2-orchestral or movie music
3-ocean waves
4-people talking
5-a shout
6-popping noises
7-grunting sounds
8-loud CRASH
9-parents mumbling
11-Phone hissing
12-A dunking sound
13-Computer code sound

be free to post your WILD sounds. :smile:

I hear people mumbling, and sometimes orchestral or movie music. When I was younger, I used to hear a sound that was a little like ocean waves, and it used to scare me a little

really? :eek:

This is not from a WILD but from a time I woke up in SP (I suppose they are very similar). Well, the thig is that I woke up and I found myself completely paralized and I heard like a furious mob trying to destroy everythig around me, prety scary!

Yes, it is like I can hear my own thoughts as sound :cool: and i make music IRL

I have never successfully WILDed, so I have never experienced these sounds (that I can remember). They sound really cool though so I will keep trying :content:

I usually hear people I know talking…I distinctly remember being offered a piece of paper or something. :eek:

When you guys WILD, do you do it when your falling asleep at night? I’m not sure when the best time to do it is and every time i’ve tried it while falling asleep at night, i’ve never had success. What times do you do it at?

I sometimes hear my name or some unintelligible voice. Just like a shout, as I am falling asleep. And I think… “wait… was that real?”

Usually I don’t hear much sounds during WILD. From time to time I notice little popping noises, almost as if someone is blowing bubbles next to my ears. Once I heard grunting sounds coming from the distance.

A bit beside the point of this topic, but if you have trouble doing it when going to sleep like me, do it when you wake shortly at night or combined with WBTB. Works pretty well for me.

So far out of the 3 recent WILDs I’ve had, I’ve heard:

  1. A dunking sound, like my head is being dunked under water and then surfacing 1 rep per 1-2 seconds. When I’m “surfaced” it’s very treble-y and “underwater” it’s more muffled, bassy.

  2. Computer code. Imagine a sound going along with the Matrix code as it falls through the screen. It consists of blips and blaps, blipping and blapping furiously. They are random tones, so they range from high to low pitches. Very cool!!!

  3. Phone hissing: like a modem screech. Combine 2 and 3 and I swear I’m being downloaded over Kazaa or something.

Though I have never WILDed successfully I experience very similar noises during SP. One which I found particulary terrifying is the sound of my parents mumbling to eachother as if standing beside the door of my room. The reason why this scares me is because I eventually realize my parents are fast asleep upstairs, suggesting that their is an imposter trying to imitate their voice. Demonic laughter is also a sound I experience frequently.

I don’t get any sounds when WILDing, usually I only get popping sounds in my ears if I focus on whan I’m hearing. As far as I can remember I’ve only had a sound once and then I could hear someone snoring. And I know it wasn’t real because I was the only person in the house…

Well, I’ve never had a WILD, but there was something I was going to ask the forum about these sounds. Yesterday morning, I was laying down with my family. They were being extremely quiet so I decided to try to WILD. I suddenly heard a loud CRASH. It sounded like a piece of wood splitting. It made me jump awake, and I looked around. All of my family members were sitting there like nothing strange happened. This loud crash is the only sound I have ever heard when it comes to WILD’ing, so I belive this might be preventing me from doing this technique. The reality of the sounds just is too lifelike, and I get scared of what’s happening.

Well i have never been succesfully while WILD’ing also, At least i’ve never entered a dream while WILD’ing. But i’ve heard these sounds a few times when im very far on WILD’ing so you know that you are very close to the dream when you hear them right? :neutral:

LMAO!!! :cool_laugh: That’s really funny! you made my day SKidzz! :tongue:

Today i heard some splashes…

DKV, I can relate. Last night I was WILDing again and I experienced some new sounds unlike the cool techno-blips I usually get. Last night I heard three distinct sounds:

  1. Feet dragging on a cement floor. I ripped the carpet out of my room (in the basement) a few years ago and now have to put up with the cold basement floor. The sounds was very loud and it totally sounded like someone was coming at me. Resident Evil anyone? I wasn’t too scared, thankfully. … I kinda enjoy the ride.

  2. Paper shredding.

  3. Voices. I’ve never heard voices before!!! That was a little creepy, but I tried not to let it phase me.

It’s important to realize that everything you hear is, oddly enough, only in your head. Heh, I know that may not help; it barely helps me. I’ll only WILD once it’s turned light out. :good:

It’s hard to realize it’s your head. When a sound like that hits me, the first and most powerful instict is to get up, because somethings wrong.