not relaxing while falling asleep?

Usually when i fall asleep, i relax.
A weird thing happend to me, when i tried to concentrate on everything at once. i tried to say in my mind, everything i heard/said/remember at the same time…

when you think to your self, you hear your own voice inside your head, but it felt like that voice was gone. instead of that, i heard many different voices, some where louder then others, and i heard things i never heard before. it was like dreaming before falling asleep.

im still a beginner to this lucid dreaming, and still remember a little of my dreams, but this worked three days in a row, fell asleep after only a while of hearing these voices, and remember my dreams extremely good.

I havent read about this anywhere, it seems interasting, and fun, i once heard a voice in my head that said:

“I didnt smoke a dolphin, i didnt smoke one at all”


P.S. Im not crazeh :tongue:

I know what you mean. That’s called hypnagogic sounds (am i right? :confused: ) Well you probably read somewhere on this site about HI , thats about the same thing, except this is sounds instead of flashing colors, shapes and stuff.
Well I had quite some experience with that… since I was like 10 I tried to ‘capture’ the exact moment when I fall asleep, you know like line between ‘awake’ and ‘asleep’ and experienced the stuff you’re talking about quite a lot of times. At first I just heard, like, just a sound of someones voice, but could not understand what they were saying. But now i can hear the strange things, exactly like the ones you’re talking about… and usually not in my voice but in someone elses, like someone i heard speaking a lot through the day. Sometimes I try to remember some of this things I hear, but they are just so strange that i forget them in the morning (I do remember some of them but they are in croatian and practically unable to translate).
I’m gonna try to catch some tonight :tongue:

P.S. you’re not crazy … i think… :content:

EDIT: found a topic !

heh, thanks, so im not the only one…
read through the forum, and was suprised to see many people like me who are teh crazEh :cool:

Hi ^Orange! Welcome to LD4all!

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You’re definately not the only one… :wink: