Hypnagogic sounds?

Well, this was most odd… I was doing WILD last night, and I had put earplugs in to avoid distractions. Then, all of a sudden, I heard the sound that a Mac Plus makes when you turn it on, clear as a bell. Soon after that, I began hearing music. Mostly slowish jazz, which is odd since I don’t normally listen to jazz. I also had never heard any of the songs being played.

Has anyone else experienced this?

not the mac thing, but the music… yup
i’ve heard other noises too and voices clear as hell
i just can’t understand them!

Hi qwe!
You’ll find a thread about this subject:
[url]The list of WILD sounds]
and about voices during hypnagogic state, you’ll find some examples and my explanations here:

While this is highly unlikely to happen, I heared a story once about a man who had a molar filled after which it tuned into a radio frequency, so he heared that in his head and did not know at first where it came from… haha. Anyway, a bit off topic :razz:

I usually just get voices. And not normal voices - they’re quieter, more like whispers really. There okay until I think about them too much… then I get freaked out and open my eyes :tongue:.

I got voices for the first time ever when going to sleep 2 days ago :cool_laugh: But they where very faint. I had been awake for 34 hours before that…

every once in a while i “hypnogog” sounds, most of the time they will be familiar pieces of music, songs, characters from favourite tv shows etc… very creepy.
they are always always always in the background, they are distinguishable enough to be identified, but not enough so they can be understood. :content:

The same for me! Two days ago, I was repeating a sentence during hypnagogic state, and I heard a female voice saying the beginning of it! It was the first time. :grin:

I’ve heard episodes of TV shows in that state - Will and Grace. And some sci-fi show about some girl with telekinetic powers.

I’ve also had music playing - original music too.

Freaky stuff huh?

Any kind of sound is normal. I often hear very clear voices as well as loud crashes and popping sounds.

I’ve posted in topics like this before, but now I found a file that’ll let you listen to exactly what I heard!!!


I woke up one morning in SP and the computer-blipping you hear at the very beginning of that file is exactly what I heard for like 5 minutes in my right ear, and in my left ear it sounded like I was being submersed and emerging from whatever (it would go bass-y to treble-y) Enjoy. :wink: In fact, whenever I hear the blips I get goosebumps now. :confused:

Interesting sounds you’ve all heard.

I’ve only ever heard thunder crashes and voices. When I hear voices it’s hard to distingush if it is related to my schizophrenia or simply due to the hypnagogic state. It’s annoying at times, though. :content:

Yea, I’ve had the music thing happen. Actually, I heard an entire song and it was pretty much a perfect reproduction of a song I knew very well. I left hypnagogia and went into a WILD shortly before it would have ended.

That sounds so strange. I can’t say i’ve ever experienced that, but it sounds scary as hell. Does it not put you off, and make you want to ‘wake up’?

It isn’t very scary if you understand that this phenomenon is well known and quite well understood: while you fall asleep, some parts of the brain are disconnected from the one which manages your personnality, so that your thoughts seem to be no more pronounced by you yet by another people.

is this the same as having a song stuck in your head when you’re about to go to sleep? or like hearing a bunch of people talk?

I’ve heard a squishing sound.

But usually someone outside says something out loud and it scares the shit out of me.

The dog outside howled really loudly and I thought it was HI and was really freaked.

Not quite. Hypnagogic hallucinations are hallucinations, thus you sometimes hear sounds or voices like they were in your bedroom (and not in your head). It’s a little bit different with buzzing or popping sounds, which seems to be located in your ears, or near your head.