Lately i’ve been hearing these strange voices inside my voice when im sleepy on my bed. It’s always when im about to sleep or im about to get up. Im just thinking and suddenly i get this “loud” voices of someone, like someone telling me something; but i only get to hear single words.

This is the last voices i heard:
Uh (like when someone is hurt)
Against her Dad
I swear to God
Muchas Gracias!(thanks you!)<-i got this one when i “tell” her that i wanted to help her out.
ya comienza(it starts now)
the pray
5 minutes…

Can someone tell me what are these voices? I can difference them from the thoughts because they sound like real but inside of my head and very loud. I want to know more about this… :neutral:

Sometimes I think that my thoughts are yelling, it is very wierd. I can think about such an simple thing as ‘it’s rainy outside’, but then my thoughts “sounds” like ‘IT’S RAINY OUTSIDE!!!’, very angry.

And sometimes when I’m falling asleep I can hear my mother’s voice…

really? so im not the only one, i mean is this normal?
i think of it as telepathy? but maybe is just my plain mind.

I have had that since I can remember. It is a good sign that means I about to have an amazing dream or (obe) as some people would call it. Try to tap into the voice, but don’t get too excited or you will ‘wake up’ too much, much like you would wake up from a LD.

But the thing is, the angry voices I hear are my own. They are just angrier and louder than my normal thoughts.

I believe there was a topic somewhere about hearing sounds when WILDing, but people started to mention sounds when falling asleep. So, you’re not alone.

But if that “conversation” i got is somehow real, the convo was about a father and his wife fighting in front of their daughter.

Daughter: Mommy?
(Pm)meaing that this was by afternoon or night.
Dad: Uh (like when someone is hurt)
(Against her Dad )meaning that the daughter did something bad to her dad.
Dad:I swear to God (telling mom what happened)
Muchas Gracias!(thanks you!)<-i got this one when i “tell” her that i wanted to help her out.
daughter:"ya comienza(it starts now) the mom or daughter is praying for this to be over?
daughter:the pray…
5 minutes…

I didn’t get more messages since i was too tense…

your Ego voice?

Ah :content: that topic was created by me(hehe) but the topic wasn’t about the voices im talking about, it was about…wel…the other ones, the ones that are far more real and are heard “outside” rather than the ones im talking that are heard “inside”.

yay im a “Dream Deity”!!!


When you enter in hypnagogic state, some of your brain parts doesn’t react as in the waking state. Some of them are disactivated.
The precortical areas manage our personality, feeling of identity and social behaviour. A lower precortical activity (during waking state) leads to personality disorders (schizophrenia). In particular, schizophrenic people often hear voices because they experience thoughts as separated from their own personality, and so they hear them as external sounds.

In the hypnagogic state (for instance when WILD’ing), normal people can experience this too, for the same reasons (lower precortical activity). Some sounds (like breathing) can also be dissociated from their real cause and seems to be produced outside of the dreamer. When trying to WILD, a friend of mine often heard a hoarse breathing near his ear (and was very frightened, of course! :smile: ). After some nights, he realized it was his own breathing! :gni:

your Ego voice?

Maybe, it’s wierd anyhow. I have those mostly when I’m bored, and it’s quiet around me. Not necessarily sleepy, though. :eh:

I haven’t experienced this, but maybe something loosley connected. I argue with myself a lot, and pester myself. It’s really weird, maybe I have an extremely mild form of schizo :content:. Sometimes I wonder if the voice is like God or my conscience, but then I know it can’t be because sometimes it pesters me over the most ridiculous stuff for a long time, and it won’t shut up.

No, I think that’s pretty normal actually.

Ok then. :wink:

are you guys hearing these voices while awake during the day ?

I don’t think that it has anything to do with telepathy or empathy!
I think it’s just like you said through a slip-of-the-tounge (in this case the fingers) the voice inside you’re voice!
I think theire manifestation of you’re Sub-C.
I have that to! It usually has somekind of strange relation to my thought flow, that i cannot clearly understand! I only have a slight idea of what they might mean!
Don’t start thinking your that boy from 6th sense and that the spirits are speaking to you. It may actually be, but i tend to believe it’s somehow you speaking in a strange language to your self! Also if you pay to much attention to those voices in a freaky way, who knows you might even become skizofrenic!
I think it’s normal to hear that, and my shrink told me so. Holy reality - believe me he did not tell me that just to confort me, he stopped medicating me recently and if that was wierd it would be enough reason for him to put me in medication! he already freaked out for much less strange things. less strange from my point of view, of course!
i think it’s just a matter of dealing with things right! :wink:
Don’t worry …tududa tududa… be happy

Well im not spanish, im puerto rican but i do speak spanish, spanish is in fact my mother language. :smile:

Well the ones im talking are the ones i hear when im on the bed awake in the morning trying to sleep more and the ones when im starting to get asleep by night. But i do hear these voices in the waking life too. I mean i think they are there everytime but we are not concious of 'em.

(i really didnt read this whole post, i did but i did’nt, because im tired, so I appologise if I am off topic :wink: im pretty sure im close though :grin: )

This doesnt have much to do with your experiance, but when I stay up late I hear music, and people talking, i can never distinguish what they say, but I scan hear it. Its very faint and when I focus on it or the music everything gets frighteningly quiet. I used to hear my name being called out as plain as day :wink: when i was little, i would also hear things like

Jeremy (my name :wink: )

these words do not form a sentence, they are all random.
I believe i hear/heard these because I was tired…
These happen sometime in the morning, but more often at night.
Wierd things happen in the morning, sometimes when I wake up for school I hear my mom calling me to wake me uo, and I have to yell back down to her that i am awake, but when I yell back to her, sometimes I dont actualy yell donw to her at all… I just yell In my head and think I yelled with my voice. And sometimes just a few seconds, not even 5 secinds after yelling down I will forget if I yelled with my voice or my mind :eh:

I think the voices are in your head :wink:

(and yes I am hearing faint sounds of music at this point, its country music if your wondering, :bored: ) (Im not crazy)

I’ve heard many things but usually it is; sloppy yelling, little kids laughing, mice noises, parrot shrieking, crows and geese (or ducks). (None of these things exist around my house minus crows, but what are they doing at 1 AM?) Once I heard while falling asleep “you’re sleeping”.

Weird. Sometimes I’ll swear somebody called me, but they didn’t.