The BIG WILD topic - Part XIV

Mic882: I’m not a WILD expert, but some people said it was easier to enter a LD when you imagine movement. The only time I succeeded, I imagined jumping into a chimney (this chimney was an HI and it appeared in front of my eyes).

Defiance: don’t you ever had a LD? :eh: In a DILD, it’s a dream and you are conscious. It’s the same with WILD. I understand that it could look like a paradox: some scientists (Havelock Ellis) asserted in the 30’s a lucid dream was impossible, because if you’re conscious, you’re not asleep. That’s why Laberge set up his experimentations, in order to prove that you could be conscious during REM sleep.

Indeed, Ellis was wrong (curious, he was not such stupid though), cause it’s obvious you have a very little bit of consciousness during normal dreams (or else you wouldn’t be able to remember them). During WILD, you use this awareness to observe the falling asleep process.

(I only had 3 partial LD’s. Never anything that thrilling though…) Yeah, I know what you mean, Basilus.

I guess I just have trouble comprehending someone going over from being awake to dreaming while remaining conscious. Its really hard to imagine, you know, how its like to go into a dream while being conscious of you going into that dream. I wonder what’s it like…

(Can you describe the experience…?)

I’ve just had one “dream reentry” and a recent experience where I was not so far to a WILD, IMO.

In the first one, I woke up, didn’t move and didn’t open my eyes, and just waited. After very few seconds, I saw a chimney hearth, but it looked like a sort of pit. It was hypnagogic imagery, in front of my eyes. I don’t know why and how, but I wanted to jump into the pit, because I was sure it would make me enter a LD. It worked and the falling feeling changed the HI into a LD. This LD lasted about 5 minutes.

My recent experience was after I woke up. I stayed in my bed, change my position to be on my back and decided to WILD. I saw tons of coloured phosphenes and HI. Phosphenes were moving and changing a lot. I tried to enter them (it’s possible) or zoom in but I had no positive results. Then I decided to change my position again into my normal sleep position. I noticed that my body was very numb, and I prefered to move fingers before than doing immediatly a big movement. It was more like I didn’t want to move indeed than like my body was really paralyzed. My mind wasn’t very clear, because I did on purpose to feel as if I was falling asleep. So that I didn’t remember to induce a spining feeling, for instance. It was just like you are on the verge of falling asleep, but I could see all this stuff. I’m sure it could have been like the first experience, if it had only been possible to enter those phosphenes or HI… :grrr:

I had a weird experience last night. I ask this because I was trying to do the WILD technique when it happened. Anyways, I was lying in bed focusing and trying to do WILD when suddenly I heard from just out side my window what seemed like a little boy scream “Help me! Ahhhhh!”. This startled me so I lost focus and opened my eyes. I just wonder if this is something that my mind created and if this is a common thing to hear things while trying to do a WILD? Also I’m doubtful that there actually was a little boy outside my window screaming at me for help.

Hi RancidMilk,

When attempting WILD, not only will you experience hypnagogic imagery, but hypnagogic audio hallucinations as well! It’s just another sign you are getting closer to dream state.

I’ve heard bizarre things, too, including kids’ voices.

A few nights ago I could’ve sworn someone was playing the flute right next to me… :tongue:

RancidMilk, hypnagogic sounds and voices are very common. Here are 3 threads about that:
The list of WILD sounds
Hypnagogic sounds
Voices inside

I tried o do wild yesterday.
And counted from 0 to 84 or so.
And i started to feel that it would coswt me much to move my hands , like if you`ve got an extremely hard act of sports or running.
Is that the start of that palyze stadium ?
And is it a good or bad idea to count?
Should I change to mild?

The basis of WILD is that the body falls asleep but the mind stays awake.
A good way is to find yourself a object (basically anything) and you examine it for 5minutes or so, then try to imagine the object in your mind. And next time your trying to WILD try to relax your body and start focusing the object you chose.
Or another good choice is to focus on your heartbeat when trying to WILD, try to go deeper and deeper in your heart.
I heard these from another LD site, cant remember which one :tongue:

The paralyzing effect usually means that your body is fully relaxed, at least i think so :tongue:

All the best, Skale


I confronted a creature made from the stuff of nightmares while I was doing WILD.
I saw this very tall and skinny man with a black cloak and a white grinning carneval mask that had a nose that touched the floor. Even it’s finghers were like the white roots of an old oak, all twisted and long that touched the floor.
I estended a had to shake hands and it did the same,very slowly and I was very very tense.
Suddenly outside in the garden I heard a loud explosion, like that of a very loud firework or a bomb that would have broken the windows of my house if it hadn’t been an altered state of consciousness.
I woke up from the state truly freaked out!

I had another weird thing happen to me when trying to WILD. I was consentrating on relaxing and all that when I saw a dark figure at the foot of my bed(I had my eyes closed so I guess I was dreaming?). Then my bed started to shake violently. After that the figure moved over to the head of my bed. It looked like really old hunch back lady about 3-4 ft tall in a black cloak with a really long nose. And she had a crooked stick for a cane. Then she tilted her head to the side and kind of smiled. Then got scared and opened my eyes and everything was normal. It was very realistic.

[color=green]Hi RancidMilk

You might want to take a look at a topic called something like Evil female. Its a recent topic. But what you experianced is normal when a person is in SP. Altho, i wasnt in SP, i felt someone in my room was banging on my desk really hard a few times.[/color]

I wasn’t in SP, and I don’t even think I was dreaming as I saw everything with my mind’s eye.
Nevertheless it was a very close and tense thing.

Hey everyone !

Something funny (litteraly) happens when I practice WILD before going to bed : at one point (after a few cycles between awareness and drowsiness), I stop feeling my body, I have a slight free-fall sensation, and an intense euphoria grips me. Then I start smiling and giggling, and I can’t help it at all.
I wouldn’t call it SP though, because if I /want/ to move, I can. Then I become aware of my body again.
It’s not LD or FA either because I haven’t succeeded in falling asleep that way yet - and reality tests all fail.

Any similar experiences ?

I wouldn’t want to change the experience if I were you.
Leave your wonderful WILD the way it is.
For LDs find an other technique.
:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

That sounds interesting! Do you do anything in particular to achieve that?

mmestre, i’ve definetly felt that “free-fall” feeling you described (without actually concentrating on falling…). The feeling has come on so suddenly and intensely before, that it would bring me right back to complete body awareness/consciousness. Its definetly not a bad feeling, i’m sure if I could not get all surprised, and hold onto that feeling, I could describe it as somewhat euphoric :smile: (hmm, or maybe that’s my happy feelings of knowing I’m so close to entering a dream hehe)

yeah i have had a similar experience before; i remember smiling and giggling lke you in one of my cases, i also experienced some kind of euphoria.

Siiw : no, nothing in particular. It’s just an attempt to WILD without WBTB. I haven’t tried to combine it with WBTB yet, when I wake up i’m too tired to concentrate on staying awake.
Maybe it’s the feeling that it’s almost working that makes me euphoric. Actually, i already experienced the exact same feeling in one particular situation : a few years back, sitting in my shrink’s office, and suddenly understanding something about my subconscious - and then it seemed to me that something painful had unlocked in my mind, the mental equivalent of a splinter removed from your body. Happened a couple of times.


I once had the freefall feeling and when I reached the bottom I found myself in my room, but it was as if the dream was not stable yet (all the object were comformed from a serie of lights). Pretty wierd…

A pitty I could’t stabilize the situation…