The list of WILD sounds

That’s for sure :content:

Haha, I know man, I know. I try to coach people about the sounds and WILDing but I tend to get scared now and then myself. And sometimes when I don’t want it to happen, it’s frustrating.

The other night the “whooshes” were coming on again. Does anyone ever get that, or know what I’m talking about?! I ALWAYS get it! It’s not a vibration, but a pulse-like wave going over my body. It starts out mild and then gets more and more intense until I’m in SP or WILDing. Can anyone relate? :eh:

hey Skidzz i think i know what you’re talking about, i get them everytime i WILD.

Hey man,
Like while you’re wilding or before? I’ve had those since as long as I can remember, and sometimes they just end up being SP.

Hey man,
Like while you’re wilding or before? quote]

while wilding…

I’ve never done an intention successful WILD. But when falling asleep I hear people talking to each other. Whenever I try to concentrate on whats been said it goes away. The other thing I hear is the sound of iron bending. Like when hot metal is cooling down. I always thought it was real but I only ever hear it when I’m nearly asleep.

The only odd sound I had during an hypnagogic state was a short stereo buzzing, exactly similar to bee which entered in my left ear and went out by the right ear.

Haha, like a stereo-pan? That’d be cool!!!

Alright, the other day I realized exactly how the how should I put it… core of WILD sounds sounds like. This sound is always present in the background. I read for a long time, stood up too fast, passed out (not black out, but vision was gone, hearing gone, happens alot, not as often as when I was younger) anyway… it was a sound of blood rushing to my head, like a constant wind sort of sound. Plug your nose, shut your mouth, and try to blow air out your ears. That should do it, only it’s more intense during WILD.

i usually Wild prety easily! that’s prolly because i’m a bit wild!
i’m in a identity crises so i often ear people discusting usually a women, a guy with an old man’s voice, me, and some other people pop in the conversation now and then! i think they’re the inumerus faces of me! i also see a lot of images. remindings from the past, imagination of the future and pure stupid dreamy images.
then one of these images sticks in my mind and that’s how the dream starts.
i often “loose consciousness” i mean awareness for a while, and that’s usually when i fall asleep. when i regain awareness i start lucid dreaming.
but if i do this at an early time of the dream i will get kicked out of the dream by my sub-c!
anyone else has this kind of experience!

BTW: oh that’s right i usually hear beautifull orchestra music, but the parts of that music just don’t make any sense with each other!

This morning I was WILD-ing, but I never got an LD from it, I woke up right after all the noise, sensations, and confusion. But I got some cool techno-blips again with a new effect. Like Basilus West’s stereo-pan, I had some weird noise similiar to that on the beginning of What It Is To Burn by Finch. Really cool, rapid pulse noise.

So my WILD had two stages it seemed. One was the paralysis, noise, and sensations, and then suddenly it felt like I was rushed further down, deeper, and everything grew a heck of a lot more intense! I gotta try this tomorrow, I just wish I could get an LD out of it in the end.

I’ve never WILDed succesfully (I usually use MILD and WBTB). But sometimes when I’m falling asleep, I can hear my mother saying something or somebody knocking on my window.

But have you checked if it’s really your mom?

Yes, I actually ask her what she wanted, but then she replies that she didn’t say anything.

Sometimes I hear my own thoughts being spoken, sometimes I hear very nice music, better than anything I’ve ever heard before. I’ve also heard birds tweeting, voices shouting, my mother talking to me… I distinctly remember one time where I heard “paperclip, paperclip, paperclip, paperclip…” being repeated by a mob of angry voices along with fire crackling. :eek:

This morning in my WBTB/MILD technique I heard these crashing sounds right before SP. I didn’t LD though :sad:

Some days ago i heard this HI after the alarm that consisted of a woman screaming like trying to scare me off, then last time when the alarm clock went off i went back to sleeping but this time i didn’t go to sleeping right away.
I just waited and quickly opened my eyes; i heard part of the HI of the screaming woman and at that time i realized that IT really was a Hypnagogic sound.

this morning i got woke up by my mom but i half fell back to sleep and i heard music all the time, it was verry clear but not so loud, it was calm music, but i can’t remember what the music was:S

when i did wild i heard church bells ringing, they started out slow and went faster and faster until it was one big ring, then it stopped and i was in a dream

ps. the dream has nothing to do with churchbells

I’ve heard my grandpa talking or calling my name. (he lives down the road)
A Brian Adams song playing in my head. :smile:
the usual crashes and bangs.
and of course the chilling screams. :eek:

While trying to WILD this morning I heard a young boy’s voice say “I like a spaghetti dinner”.