Hearing Voices

I’m terribly curious about this and my own experiences with it so I was searching the web and found this wonderful site. Unfortunately, the topic was pretty far back, so I guess I’ll be bold for once and post on my own. :smile:

There are three distinct times when I can remember this and none of them had any particular reason for happening; I was happy, busy, and having fun. The first was when I was a little kid (I can’t recall the exact age) and I was spinning on one of those round…spinning things. :wink: Can’t remember the name of them. But I was with another little girl and heard my name being called from a voice that seemed miles away but was clear as a bell; it was soft and light, like I could’ve imagined it. Which I’d like to tell myself I did and I’ve managed to forget about it until recently, but the other girl didn’t hear it and it left me shaken and confused for the longest time. It wasn’t a voice at all that had any cruel intent in it but it still scared me that nobody else heard it. About a year ago I was sitting at my desk which is next to the window, alone, and heard a voice say my name from the front porch. This one scared me terribly; it was a female voice, depressed and sounded slightly threatening. It also left me shaken but I talked to my friend and we decided to just overlook it; weird things happen sometimes. Then just about a month ago I was bouncing around downstairs with a load of laundry, singing at the top of my lungs before freezing. A male voice just a foot or so away distinctly said ‘Hello, Anne’. Anne isn’t my name, it’s my mothers, and I’ve yet to understand why it would say that but it made me go cold.

I don’t think I have any disease of sorts, hearing voices doesn’t happen quite that often, and I’m only slightly nuts. :wink: Do you guys have anything at all that might be helpful or help me understand? Thanks in advance!

nothing strange or harmful about that !

just some creatures, probably people, trying to communicate with you :smile:

I could go and explain a lot of theoretical things on the subject, but it will make no difference.

Next time it happens, just talk to them , you’ll get your answer this way.

And don’t talk physically, in your mind.

i must admit, iv had a few times where iv heard my name being called, when no ones called me. But only a very few. and I’ve never thought of answering them in my thoughts, but next time (if) it happens, i will try it! :smile:

This has never happened to me, exept maybe once…
A female voice called my name, she sounded like a computer or something, Very robitic, but this was a very very long time ago, like when I was 7, and we didn’t have a computer back then. Then again, I was very young, and I could’ve been imagining it, or something…


I hope you find the answers to these voices, I’m sorry I can’t help you, or offer you any explaination :sad:

Many times, young children tell their parents they see dwarfs, fairies, unicorns, and all kinds of mythological creatures. It’s simply because they are still in touch with those realms. As they grow old, and they are being told it’s in imagination, they lose that sight and become “grown up”.

Recently, during meditation sessions, I have started hearing dogs, I really wonder how I got there :confused:

with these experiences its the thoughts you have about them and feelings too

that matter

the Zen approach which is very healthy, is to let go of everything

they even let go of what feels good

the reason is, and when you get this you’ll really be in the zone feeling groovy

is that in order to feel good, you cannot “will” into fruition, it simply comes and goes of its own volition, so to hold onto it ! ? the person that holds onto feeling good can never get it, it is the person that lets go of everything----------

--------------->even what is good, that receives the goodness !

*though i’ve heard people say they can feel radical bliss just by asking to feel it, so go figure.

a meditation practice is letting go of everything, constantly.

how does this apply ?

hearing voices is not something abnormal, but there are two spectrums to all forms
grasping / aversion

those who avoid such experiences, in the extreme, will say things like "man i must be going crazy’ and those who seek them will say “dude that’s awesome and tripped out”

and we want the middle way to all, for it is balanced and always happy and satisfied.

It is indeed another part of the duality of nature. In Castaneda books, Don Juan called it the “emissary”. When asking the proper questions, this emissary can lead you through many realms of reality that are unknown (possibly). But even if you ARE crazy, that as well is all relevant. Schitzophrenia is far from crazy, more of a duality of the self. I know many who would disagree, but schitzos follow a pattern.

If you learn to summon these voices, your subconscious in audible form, you can learn a lot. Some people cannot handle all the information andd crack. :sad:

I had that happen once, I heard someone call my name as if right from the next room. I thought it was my husband returning home finally - then I found that there was no one in the house with me. He didn’t come home for a few more hours - I left.