heart rate increase during HH

Hi guys, I’ve been Lding for a while now and I used to be able to WILD alot more frequently. In fact it’s been close to a year since the last time i had one. Last time i did i wasnt even rlly trying. Heres what i think the problem is, give me your input…
Ok so i get to SP then HH kicks in. Usually it’s somthing crazy when i halucinate like me flying around rlly fast or going down a river really fast etc… most of the time i get the fast dropping sensation like im on a huge rollercoaster. That gets so intense that my heart starts racing, then i awake. :eek:
I try to concentrate on my breathing, but im also trying to concentrate on zooming in to the picture too. And sometimes the HH itself is rlly fun so i forget. Is there a way to make the hallucinations less intense? Is there a better way to actually get into the dream then zooming in? I’ve tried “rolling over” doesnt seem to work. If anyone out there has alot of experience w/ WILD…give me your 2 cents.

First: I don’t have big experience with WILD.

The heart race seems to be a hallucination or something like that. So far, noone knows. But we don’t have this heart hate increase thing while falling asleep unconsciously, so it shouldn’t happen during WILD.

try to concentrate on being in this dream, sounds, temperature, etc.

I also tried a feeling of g force, it seemed to work.

Eventually, keep calm and slowly and paitently wait unltil hallucination will change into a dream. At first it feels like a imatgination, but it gets more real with time. It changes into a hallucinations, then you feel your physical presence in dream.

Hope it helps.

A few nights ago i was able to WILD finally. although i failed last night and got as far as SP and HH. Before when it worked i was able to relax more and not focusing too much on zooming in. This WILD was kind of weak, it was like i was in a 3-D version of the game mario and not like the ones that are identical to waking reality… :neutral: Oh well i did succceed at least. I would’ve been able to succeed at changing the dreamscape etc if i hadnt woken up so soon. I’ve been having trouble w/ waking up too quickly from them, once im lucid i start to think too much about my physical body and start to tell myself i feel like im gonna wake up. I need to stop this asap and learn to relax and enjoy!

that is exactly my problem, for me the falling sensation is just like a rollercoaster and is hard to stay relaxed during.

I’m taking advantage of this topic being bumped :tongue: to add some useful information about heart rate increase during WILD attempts.

It IS an hallucination. First, I’ve read recently some advices by a famous OBE’ist (Robert Bruce or William Buhlmann, I don’t remember) and he was talking about that. He said it was not the actual heart, he had verified with an electrocardiogram, thus he supposed that people were feeling the heart shakra.

I’ve experienced this recently and I’ve another opinion. :grin: I had my alarm near my bed, so that I decided to compare the heart rate with the alarm tick. Surprisingly, when I compared both rates, they were quite the same (hence my heart rate was just 60 per second). But when I didn’t compare them, I had the sensation that my heart was racing very fast. And so on - comparing: the same; not comparing: heart very fast, etc. It was very curious.

Thus I suppose that when we fall asleep, a moment occurs when there is something wrong with time estimation.

Anyhow, Bruce (or Buhlmann) said too that it was just a beginner problem - what I also noticed cause this problem is only told about by WILD beginners on the forum.