heat problems.

moust of my LDs are induced my NILD (naping) after 6-7 hours. I never had much problems going to sleep after waking up. But now when the heat is comming (big time) I have big problems going to sleep while doing MILD. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I sould do? I wanna have LDs during the summer too. There is no way to lower the heat in my room. :scream:

It’s: moust of my LDs are induced by NILD (naping) after 6-7 hours.

If you can’t lower the heat somehow, are you at least using a fan? (Probably not blowing directly on you. Just to move some air around… it also helps to block out sounds that happen in the morning, like birds making endless noise.) That always seemed to help me sleep more easily.

Also, if your furnace is in the basement of your house, try putting a fan in front of the heat vent - it actually can pull a bit of cool air up from the basement. :slight_smile: (or if your thermostat has a “fan on” setting, that works even better. it almost feels like air conditioning on a hot day. I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t think about that.)

If that doesn’t work, you could try taking a cold shower before going back to sleep. It should also help you wake up more quickly!

Keep in mind that the brightness earlier in the day may also be keeping you from going back to sleep, if you haven’t already done something to make your room really dark. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long post, but hopefully some of it will help!

Time ago I used autogene training (how do you spell this?) to heat my body up when I needed to. Perhaps it could be used to cool it down too…

It consists of relaxing your body, focusing on various body parts in sequence and trying to heat them up with your thoughts (or something along these lines, I don’t remember, it was a long time ago). But it was effective.

@ DJem: perhaps you could add an english version of the text that is on your site please. and another thing to improve: the old linklist isn’t available.

autogene training can be used to cool your body down. just imagine your body becoming cooler and cooler. it really works!

my bed room is always hot in the summer…about 85 to 90 degree’s…I normally get a small fan and have it blow out the windo to move my air around…it still hot but better then nothing.

Hmmm… I stopped a minute when I read it… I thought that this was impossible. Then I remembered: Of course, this guy is using Fahrenheit! Well I computed it to Centigrade, it will say about 30 degrees. Don’t forget us Europeans when you American people posts measurements and numbers! We’re here, you know! :smile: Well it is hot here in north Norway these days too… :happy: (enjoying it while sweating)