I’ve been working on getting a LD for a few months now, keeping a dream journal etc. and I have gotten to the point where I can consistently get to the HI stage when WILD’ing. But, the problem is that instead of noises, or heart beating loudly, it feels as if my hands are heating up.

I’ll start seeing HI and then start feeling my hands start to feel as if there’s something making them heat up. I usually try to ignore it but it just gets to the point where it is very uncomfortable and so far I’ve fidgeted or something and it goes away, but so does the HI. After that I usually just drift off to sleep.

So, as it would seem, this stupid hands heating up thing seems to be the only thing keeping me from LD’ing multiple times a week. Anyone else have this problem or know a solution? It’s very frustrating.

You could try other techniques. I’m not a big fan of WILD myself because it takes so long for me to fall asleep.

Just ignore it. I feel my limbs moving on their own in random directions, have people screaming at me. I’ve felt people crawling over, sitting and or laying on me.

You just have to ignore it :content:

It’s a hallucination. I won’t be suprised that if you’ll pass over it, and get LD, next time it will be weaker or even diappear. I also want to mention that it sounds quite like you are willing, expecting it to happen. Try not to predict it will occur again. Then you could just not experience that feeling again.

Ive experienced alot of heating up while trying to WILD this is just one of those things you’ll have to deal with, along with an itch noise sp vibrations sinking feeling choking crushing feelings. I belive they are mostly conflicting signal that your body produces as your mind and body change to the sleeping state.

You are only aware because your training yourself into this new condition, i am getting the hang of it myself sometimes they get the better of me but i have WILD so i know its possible took me about 3 months solid every night to do it but ive done it :smile:

so can you.

Well, I got to the next step finally. (I think)
After going to bed, I got to the point where I usually just stop because I feel so uncomfortable from the “heat”. And managed to ignore it. after about 30 seconds of ignoring it, it just went away and my whole body had a tingly cool feeling come over it. Then I felt little pinprics on my feet that moved up my legs and got to my stomach before I swallowed reflexively the spit that had built up in my mouth because my throught was dry. the pinprics receded and I went back to the “just laying there state”. I thought I might be dreaming so I did a RC, no luck though.

I then realized after doing the RC that my whole body was covered in sweat and that my room was really hot. So I opened the windows and threw off a blanket or two and then went back to trying to WILD. Except, this time there was no “heat” sensation and it went faster straight to the pinpricks. After they got to my face they kind of just tingled for a bit and after a minute or two I felt my eyes start moving around like crazy not under my control. I figured I was concious in the REM state and didnt move. Shortly after my body started shaking and I opened my eyes and sat up because it was so weird.

So, I figure I’m getting closer. But, a question I have is how come I saw absolutely no HI during this time, only sounds?

i like to relax in bed and feel my hands heating up. i imagine it is because of energy that will help me in the dream :cool: it is probably a side effect of the blood vessels widening to let out some body heat when we fall asleep.

It seems like you got very close from what you described in your last post. :yes: I’m no WILD expert myself, but I often hear talk about “uncomfortable feelings” and such that you can get when you try that technique.

I’m not sure if there’s a way for you to make the strange sensation go away or anything, so I would just try to ignore it, and take it as a sign of getting closer to your dream. :thumbs:

the pin pricks sound a bit like pins and needles. Care to elaborate?

the “pin pricks” feeling was like tons of tiny needles poking me from all directions and slowly spreading up my body starting at my feet. It was very odd.

I plan to seriously try again tonight, this time I know not to have to many blankets on top of me despite the somewhat chilly atmosphere, I’m also gonna try to relax before bed for hopefully better results. Wish me luck!

Edit: Also, I forgot to mention this but every so often when I’m trying WILD, I’ll get this flash of HI like TV static and a Really loud staticky noise accompanying it. Another oddity. :razz:

I know this “pin” feeling you’re talking about; I sometimes experience similar sensations (and not LD or WILD related though). Often I get those feelings when my body is VERY relaxed, which is a good thing but tends to get on your nerves or you start to fidget etc. Personally, I try not to focus on those sensations (here’s where meditation comes in handy) - you simply just let go (simply let go LOL :cool_laugh: :grin: …I know, I know… :peek: )