Heavy Breathing/extreme entity experience

I have suffered extreme nightmares/sleep paralysis/entity attacks/rape and sexual entity attacks throughout my life. I am now 32. So I am well aware of the different forms they can take and how best to deal with them (in that i try to embrace them instead of fight them etc…)
Being a novice to the most terrifying and extreme forms of the above I just thought they couldnt get any worse until recently. Im at odds as to wheteher the experience was supernatural as it was REAL. I was looking after a friends house when i woke up to a noise - thinking there was someone in the house. It was then that i heard heavy breathing which started up outside the bedroom door. I was awake there were no visual hallucinations - i felt i could move if i had wanted but decided to stay put just through sheer terror of unbelief at the situation. What was the best thing to do. It seemed ages and the breathing was of someone male - they sounded scared, excited almost like they wanted to come in but were scared and caught out. Like i had caught them out.
Eventually it stopped and for a while i stayed where i was. Then i grabbed a heavy jewellery box and opened the door. I saw that the pet cat was outside looking down the hallway as if looking as to where the sound had come from.
Honestly to god i scoured that house, checked everywhere. Phoned people almost phoned the police to tell them id had an intruder. I couldnt believe what had happened and i was in complete trumatic shock from the whole thing.
Does this sound like an extreme bout of sleep paralysis or no because ive had some of the worst experiences ever and this was too too real and unlike anything ive suffered before.
Please help with any suggestions. Has anyone had heavy breathing experiences or similiar as extreme as this.
I am still trying to get my head round this.

When ever I get HS (Hypagogic Sounds), it is usually either voices whispering (which always freaks me out). As HS can be anything, it could very easily be heavy breathing.

You do not need to be in SP to expereince HS, so that is quite likely what this was.

Interesting! Ive had hypnagogic sounds but usually my vision is impaired or it is within a lucid dream. Ive never had only HS whilst being so awake. It was completely terrifying. Like an exteme audio dellusion of sorts.
Do you know anyone who had experienced the heavy breathing?
Hi by the way.

Welcome Ardatlili.

You’ve suffered all these attacks by entities you say. That would scare the bejesus out of me. But when these things happen are you left with any evidence? I mean how do you prove that to someone?

I used to think that I was being attacked by entities but I realize now that it’s actually SP.

I agree with Sureal on the heavy breathing bit.

Hi ArdatLili,

I think because you got so scared that it might be hard for you to believe it wasn’t real, but I agree with Basilus that it was merely an auditory hallucination. And yes these also seem to happen sometimes when we think we are fully awake. However these hallucinations often happen after we just woke, so in these instances our brain might be still dreaming a bit (in theta brainwaves), so we are actually not really totally awake. The best thing you could do, if you can manage it, is to get out of bed and go see where your intruder is, as this will make you wake up fully and most likely end any hallucinations. You could always get up and yell loud, that often scares away hallucinatory creepy men … :razz:

You have night terrors?

While reading this i filled my pants with terror! :sad: I might have to sleep next to my guard dog if i try WILD tonight!