did you ever look to earth from space in ld?
that could be realy amazing , but i miss the visual as i getting upper.

I always try to go to space when in an LD but i get too scared and i have to turn back. lol i don’t understand because i wouldn’t even be afraid in Real life.

I was on my way up to space in one LD but I woke up while I was flying up :cry: But I will try again some day and then I will make it up into space and then I will look down on the earth.

Yeah I once did it in an early LD. But I wasn’t really impressed… It looked a bit blurry and more like on an old TV screen. I wasn’t interested anymore so I flew away, into black space :smile:

Well, once I can fly, this will be high up on my thigns to do list :wink:.

one in the dream , i was in the space , dark space with some big golden dots , that they are in some shapes like big cube or piramids with big distance and i was trying to move from one corner to another , that was great, that got really effective feeling even after so much time from my waking.
acually i cant explane that well , just something great.