Hello again all (Anyone remember me?)

Hello all. I was around here last Summer…anybody remember me? Not actively attempting LDs, but I wanted to come around. Maybe I will again.

It’s amazing how little I have to say :smile: Don’t get the wrong impression, I’m not depressed, I just can’t think of anything relevant to stick into this post :smile:

sniffle Apparently not. Hey, somebody join the chat! I’m looooooooonely!


Im very happy you`re back:)Missed our chats…hope to talk to you soon:)

Yes I remember! Did you finally get an LD? Or not? :bored:

…or not, unfortunately.

Hi Dauron if u stick around we will all remember you…

:spinning: :clown: :clown:



Wow Jeff you’re REALLY coming into this forum :eek: I use the “show-new-posts” thing to navigate on this forum, and this time YOU had written 99,999% of all the new posts. Well, maybe 90%, but anyway :grin: Well, welcome to this forum Jeff! Hope you will feel comfortable here. And BTW, sorry for taking the attention from you Dauron… :shy:

Hi LucidityX1000,

tnx for the welcoming!!
I have cable now so i dont have to look at the clock all the time…
And I was a member at the old forum but i was gone for some time…vacation and more of those terrible distractions…lol

Most important thing is that we make it a nice place to be for everybody!

Tnx again LucidityX1000…a welcome is always nice!!!

Greetings and lucid dreams…4 all of us


Yes, I saw all your posting, and thought "Wow :eek: , this guy is really trying to get into this forum. Why not give him a welcome :grin: " I am really impressed of your attempt to update youself on this forum :smile: I think you’re like me, you just can’t miss anything, or you become like this :grrr: Well there is still something like 400 topics on this forum, so you have a job there… :bored: And at this moment I have the higest count of posting on this forum, and I have something like 150-160, so if you’re gonna answer to all topics on this forum, you’re gonna have 400 posts, so you will be far ahead of us… Well I won’t write more now, have to shut down the computer and go to bed, practising the WBTB y’know

:happy: Hi LucidityX1000 i wont go on this way or else everybody is going to shoot me :cool: lol!

And it wouldnt be healthy 4 me to…:content:

But yes when i give something a go, I really go 4 it…lol



Hi i wasnt around last year, welcome back i guess. Bring it on home

Thanx hubbs,