Hello!! any1 help me?

first of all hello 2 u all!

am new 2 all this luicd dreaming stuff, 1st read about it on a website and thought ive been so close 2 that b4 without even trying rekon i could do it.

b4 i even new what lucid dreaming was about i had dreams where people told me i was in dreams or something.

a funny one was i was in a bar and asked a woman if i could borrow her lighter 2 witch she replied “why are u aking me? am not real this is just a dream, why dont u just take it?” i said “well i was only trying 2 be polite, wot do u mean this is a dream!?” i then got confused and woke up

in another i was at my local pub (yeas i often dream about drinking and being in pubs/clubs, but am not an alcholic, honest!! :smile: I orderd half a beer the girl behind the bar said “u dont normaly drink 1/2s why are u now?” 2 which i replied “am asleep and need 2 get up 4 work soon!!” once again i woke up straight away.

anyhow i digress! after reading about luicd dreaming i tried 4 a bit with no reults untill a couple of weeks ago. In my dream i was walking down a busy street in town, i dont remeber wot made me realize it was a dream (which annoyed me after!) but sudenly i was aware it was a dream

I thought 2 my self wot can i do so that i can show that i can control my dream, and some1 in my dream was walking 2wards me and i thought i wud punch them, i then thought i cant do that its wrong! but its only a dream it dosnt mater! i assured my self at that point the dream disapered but i was still aware i was asleep but wiv no dream it was very scary and my whole body stared 2 buzz (the only word i can think 2 describe it) and i tried 2 wake my self up and thought i had rolled out of bed onto the floor i then woke up still in bed and a bit freaked out!

since then i havent had any more lucid drems and think i might be scared 2 try, has anys had simarl experinces or has advice 4 me? cause i do want 2 do it properly.

god ive wrote a bit of an essay there 4 my 1st post! and my fingers hurt! hope u didnt get 2 bored reading all that!

peace :smile:

Well, I had a bit of trouble reading all that… but…

It seems to me that you are pretty close. Next time you wake up after realising its a dram, just lay there, don’t move, stay calm and think about it for a minute. If you don’t move or get excited, you’ll drop right abck off to sleep in seconds. I tried it, and it got me lucid :cool:.

And you can stay calm after you realize you’re lucid…

and welcome to the forum. Hard to read post by the way…

Cheers people! soz my english is terrible which is pretty lame seeing as i am english!!

Ta 4 the advice, think staying calm is the key but i find it diffucult and being aware of sleeping but with no dreams proper freaked me out!

Think next time (if a mange 2 do it again) i will just chill and not try 2 do anything at 1st.

No worries :smile: it’s not spelling we’re talking about, or grammer, just using b4 instead of before, u instead of you, all those little things that take a few seconds to register

Anyway, just try and keep calm. I think if you do a lot of reality checks you’ll find that your number of lucid dreams will go up dramatially. The more practice you get the better you will get at keeping calm in dreams :smile:

good luck!

Read lots of stuff of this website before going to bed last and thought about lucid dreaming before I went to sleep and I went sleep and managed to have a lucid dream again!

Rather annoyingly I woke up straight away again despite telling my self in the dream 2 remain calm. Then when I woke I could not get back to sleep and it was about time to get up anyway.

Has any1 got any tips on how to stay calm? I find that when the moment of realization that I am dreaming happens i can sort of feel my conscious mind taking over (don’t no if that is the correct description but I know what i mean!) and i think that’s what wakes me up

Suppose I should take heart though, this is the first time I had tried since my first experience and I managed to do it if only for a few seconds just need to work on staying a sleep now!

By the way I tried really hard then to not use my abbreviations and was really hard! I always right emails and talk 2 people on msn like that as do most of the people I no.
Soz I blame txt msg culture 4 it! :smile: lol

opps double post, but edited now

Wow,great improvement since your first post:)
I guess that calmness comes with experience i dont know if theres a method that could fix it.Eventually your lds will became longer and you will learn by experience how to manage them.
Good luck:)

I suppose all that stuff on spinning in circles and rubbing your hands together will delay the loss of the dream long enough to calm yourself.

BTW I don’ blame u. Course most forums i post in require me 2 write properly so i hadta learn 2 do it properly or get flamed 4 my short hand.

Only just read about that spinning around stuff and rubbing hands together last nite dont quite see how its souppsed 2 work tho especialy spinning around, think that might wake me up even quicker! will try and give it go tho if i can

just read this which explained to me why them techinques work, kinda of makes sense


Well, I definitely agree with the staying calm stuff … and I do find that spinning helps keep LD’s going … but I don’t know about trying not “2 do anything.”
I think usually that getting active with the dream helps both staying in it, and lucidity …
Dunno if other people experience it like I do, but usually if I don’t suddenly awaken, there’s this kind of fade-to-grey if the dream is going away … usually it gives me enough warning to spin, run, fly, flail about, all of which usually prolongs it quite a bit.

How it usualy goes for me…

‘Hey! I’m dreaming!’
wakes up
‘Well… sh-’

The dream ends as soon as i realise. Not everytime, but a fair few.

haha :smile: thats wot its been like 4 me.

the 1st time i did it lasted a bit longer but then as i said b4 the dream dissapered and being aware of sleeping with no dreams freaked me out so woke my sen up. If i get a simarl thing again will try spining ect.

You what?

after my lucid dream finished i was still asleep but was not dreaming (i.e i cud not see or hear anything) i was however aware of being asleep. It was quite scray and i quickly woke my self up.

as i said in my first post

That’s very wierd. If you couldn’t feel your body, that is.

sounds like sleep paralysis to me

No, it sounds more like NREM sleep to me. Or ‘the void’ as some like to call it.