Hello (dream with a message)

Approximately a month ago, I began recording my dreams on my zip drive. Every morning when I woke up, I would remember at least one dream, sometimes two or three. A few weeks into this, I had a dream about my ex. I had been feeling very down the entire day about the end of our relationship, and the dream was very traumatic to me. It was also very vivid; I was able to remember every detail, the file was huge! When I awoke, I couldn’t remember the last detail, and it was the most important. I spent the whole day running it over in my head until the piece fell into place, and it shook me to my core. Since then, I haven’t remembered a single dream. This dream had an important message for me in it, and I’m glad I had it; I’d like to remember more of them, but it just isn’t happening. The only success I’ve had was two nights ago, I fell asleep determined to remember any dream I had and awoke able to do so. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get back on track, but I slept for a good nine hours last night and didn’t remember a thing.

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Occasionally when I have had a very symbolic dream, my recall will fade for a while. I think this gives your brain time to think about the important dream, but this is only my opinion.
We do have a large topic all about improving dream recall in our “first steps to lucidity” forum. You may get some new methods from the topic to aid your recall.

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That’s a bummer about your dream recall. I’m having a blockage too. I’m just wondering if maybe the emotions behind your dream had anything to do with the lace of recall. You obviously still have strong emotions tied to your ex.

But you will improve…There’s tons of advise here like Moogle said.

Good Luck

You know I was just thinking…I wonder how many messages we receive in dreams…I wake up with that feeling like I’m forgetting something important sometimes and I just figure it’s there…I’ll remember when I need to…was your message something you were telling yourself or what do you think?

Wow, I think the exact same thing at least 3 mornings a week.