Hello everyone completely new here!

Hello everyone my name is Jazz and i’m 19,

For as long as i remember I’ve had the most vivid dreams that i enjoyed watching apart from being 7 years old and dreaming up horrific things that really frightened me but I’m sure we’ve all had nightmares around that age.

Anyway, for the last 5-6 months i’ve suffered with severe anxiety and a small dose of depression I find this is when i have these ‘dreams’ I’m not sure if they are lucid that’s why I’m here I can’t ask Google the things I am going to ask you guys so please be patient with me :confused:

Okay so i’m asleep in bed and i start dreaming i think i know i am dreaming because i can manipulate what happens in my dream, I don’t decide the topic but i can control the outcome i will give you guys and example… I was super tried last night and I drifted of too sleep with ease in my dream I was laying in bed with my fiance and he got a text message off a another girl, I wrote this text message in my head and it was on the phone i could still tell you now word for word what it said. This is the type of thing that happens to me I then got shocked that it happened and woke up.

Normally I don’t wake up and my dreams never really have a full ending but the beginning and middles I remember those as if I just sat down and watched a movie. I’m not really sure if I want to lucid dream anymore, The dreams I have are upsetting and make my anxiety bad. I don’t mind dreaming I just don’t want control, I’ve never been taught to lucid dream it just comes to me naturally, I’m also not sure if i’ve always lucid dreamed or if its just my dreams are incredibly vivid and loud. ALSO, I dream in complete colour if that helps anything.

I would just really appreciate some advice or some sort of guidance, thank you all so much.

Thats not a lucid dream that’s a bad dream. We can control our dreams to a certain extent even if they aren’t lucid. For instance your running from a monster in a non lucid dream. Ur so terrified and yet you don’t even know what ur running from u just know its something big bad and scary. This is where your imagination gets away from you. You decide to look and see what your running from, and you usually don’t notice this but when you look to see, as your looking your thinking to yourself of what’s probably chasing you. You either imagine up something friendly and ur nightmare ends (rarely ever happens) or you imagine something terrifying and then bam, there it is, just like u thought. This is not a lucid dream. This is just a dream. We all have control over our dreams. It’s just a matter of identifying that control and realizing this isn’t real which makes you lucid. Because If you were truly lucid, you wouldn’t be in a bad situation like that anyways. You’d have TOTAL control. Hope this helps.

Exactly. So, I’d advise you to do the contrary. Instead of avoiding lucid dreams, have them!
If you were able to control your nightmares, they wouldn’t be nightmares, would they?

Enjoy staying on this forum, the people are friendly, and read up and try techniques. Ultimately, you will really be able to control your dreams and prevent nightmares or make something good out of them.