Hello for the firs time

Hi everyone!
I am a 30 year old woman living in Sweden. It’s only about a week since I really discovered exactly how much I want to learn to lucid dream (even though I have heard about the phenomenon earlier), both for the sake of creativity and personal growth (including anxiety management). I have always had a close relationship with my dreams, mostly for good but even sometimes for bad. Some of my best creative ideas, mostly in fictional writing, have actually their origins in this mysterious subconscious, but from time to time I am struck by dreams so depressing that I can feel sad, empty or confused a big part of that following day. On the other hand, a really cheerful or beautiful dream can during the right circumstances give the most ordinary day a slight shimmer of magic. Therefore, I have always naturally been quite good at dream recall and can still remember fragments from dreams I had when I was a child.

Dream journaling has now improved this skill even more, even though I only have been doing it for about six days. And guess what, I am quite sure I got my first few moments of lucidity already the second day (or morning) of it! :rofl:

That has indeed made me even more eager and inspired to learn more about it! :slightly_smiling_face:


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