Hello, I'm new here and I would like to share.....

My experiences! All day yesterday I have been reading the forums here and discovered that I really wanted to do this. Well, I used Suneye method 1 to accomplish this. I got about 6 hours of sleep last night, woke up at 9, read the forums for an hour, and went back to bed. I did the third eye focus thingy, and after a while, my whole body felt like it was having a harmless electrical current inside (which was very cool), after about 4 of these, the next current was very large. It sort of pulled me away from my body in a diagonal direction, it sort of felt like going down on a roller coaster, as I was being pulled/pushed away from myself, I saw my physical self lying asleep. “Yeah, it’s working!” I thought to myself.

When I completley left my body, I saw static, like on a broken TV and the sort of buzzing sound. From all my research here, I decided to think of where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. To start with, I thought “Forest”, but that didn’t work. I then tried “Deep, quiet, humble forest”. And I was there! I fell from the sky to the forest ground, but wasn’t hurt, on my way down I saw a hobo stuck in a tree branch, but left him there. I walked out of the forest into a weird town of some sort. It seemed a few hundred years old but the people looked modern, it was weird. I saw a midget carrying something, and I decided to take out a sword I had with me (I don’t know why, I just had one) and asked for his money. He took out a gun and started shooting. I ran like hell to another part of the town. I saw people going in a line through a sort of office, I was confused about this but walked on through. A human-like dog man was sitting next to the line. As I passed through the gate that was at the end of the line, there was a dock infront of me with some crappy boats, To my left, which I turned I saw the line walk up. It was a long flight of stairs, but it was more horizontal than vertical so it wouldn’t be hard on the legs. On the way up, I saw some of my friends. I just walked up with them. Before I got to the top, it was over :sad:

Also, after I threatened the midget, I thought this dream was boring and wanted to go to a place like Counter-Strike, but after the dream I remembered I wasn’t specific enough! Damn!

Now I have a few questions. Was this a Lucid Dream, an OBE, an Astral Projection, or just some weird dream? Also, I didn’t feel as if I was in much control. I hear about people flying and killing people in their dreams, but this was just boring. The only time I felt I was in real control was when I went to the forest, but that was it.
One more thing, the Suneye method 1 is to sleep for 6 hours, stay awake for 1 hour, then sleep+dream. I can’t really do that on school days. What could I do instead? Thanks for the responses and sorry for the long post :happy:

I know you guys are reading this, but please respond! I need help! I’m a lost newbie :sad:

I think most people would call this an oobe. But personally i find it really hard to believe that someone can really leave their body.

So i would call it some kind of lucid dream. I guess a little lower level one, since you did not have full control.

The key to control is believing you can do it, any doubt in your mind… then you wont be able to do it.

control comes with practise… so just believe 100%, then you can do it. :smile:

ps… i think you should have asked this question in chatroom, would get better response there i believe.

It’s possible that you lost lucidity after you entered the forest. I’ve had that happen to me before. Next time you’re in a lucid dream, make sure to focus on what’s around you, and try to not become too emotional. Excitement seems to cause people to wake up, which is often the case in lucid sex, or to loose lucidity by getting too wrapped up in the dream.

A lucid dream is simply being aware during a dream. OBE and astral projection are the spirit leaving the body. I’ve only had lucid dreams, so I can’t elaborate more on OBEs.

For more information and techniques, make sure to read the Big topics, like the Big WILD topic, the Big MILD topic, and the Big OOBE topic. There’s also a lot of knowledgable people in the IRC channel, but make sure to stay there for a while. If no one is saying anything, it might take up to a half hour for someone to “wake up.”