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This has happened to me too, twice, when I was sleep deprived.

This pictureshows the sleep phases. It shows that a certain time is spent going through non-rem sleep before entering the REM sleep where most dreams occur. This pattern is quite constant from night to night, but REM can occur closer to falling asleep if we haven’t been sleeping enough. It is impossible to be stuck in the WILD state, in fact, it is probably faster if you are so sleepy that you WILD from the beginning.

Hi billysan,

The falling, the spinning are somesthetic (cenesthetic?) hypnagogic hallucinations. Hearing an airplane pilot talking in a radio is an auditory hallucination (it’s very funny and you should add it in the “List of WILD sounds” topic! :happy: )

As the name says, hypnagogic hallucinations happen during the hypnagogic state. This state is absolutely normal and it happens to everybody while falling asleep, though not everybody is conscious of it or can remember HH. You’ll notice that you hardly remember what happen during WILD attempts (especially missed attempts). HH have been described in 1861 by the french scientist Alfred Maury and I’m sure by many other people.

I don’t know what you mean by “the darkness”. Could you please explain what you mean? About blurry visions, I don’t find it’s frightening at all. :eh:

About being stuck in this state, I think some people who experience natural LD’s without knowing what happens have been sometimes afraid by that. With experience, you’ll easily understand that you quickly loose consciousness in LD’s and fall again in a normal dream.

As you say you’ve been lucid dreaming for quite a while, I’m surprised that you still have those thoughts and fears. :confused: I’ve the feeling that you have an obsessive mind. For instance, I don’t find it very good that you stopped focusing on studies and work for LD’ing. If you can’t take LD’ing with humour, coolness and fun, I think you should stop LD’ing for a while until you can stand back a bit from it.

Thanks for the replies guys,

By saying “darkness and blurry visions” I was talking about the “falling & spinning phase”… though I’v had those alot.

I’m not really sure why I was so frighten this time unlike many WILD attempts I had before, I remember all kinda weird HH before… Parhaps this WILD was way too vivid…

I didn’t really neglcate school or work, I did however spend lot of time trying to meditate, doing a RC, and waking up in the middle of the night. WILD can get you very tired in the morning… I also had my finals lately which prevented me from LD, I finished those now and I’m free for LD :smile:

And yes I do take LD in a very humoristic manner, I’m anything but addicted to it, I can see how you picture me from my previous post but its way off reality :content:

Back to topic, thanks for the replies… :cool:

OK. It’s all right then. From what you said in your previous post, I was worrying for you. :smile: WILD’ing is often very strange and you have to take some time to be accustomed with it. :wink: