HELP!! [1 year and only 1 LD]

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so I’ve been into luciddreaming and astral projection for about a year now and I’ve only gone lucid once! i want to have lucid dreams so bad but i just cant get it!can any body help?? :confused: :bored:

What do you do to induce lucid dreaming? What do you put into practice and, being honest with yourself, how persistent are you? Often times we find ourselves frustrated with very limited results to our practices, yet when we step back and truly observe our efforts we find ourselves to be lacking in critical areas. Identifying these areas allows us to correct and substantiate them.

ive been trying many multiple RC, from making my own totem, to just trying to breath while blocking my nose, i try to meditate atleast once a week (i know i should do that more) i try the wild tecnique, rope tecnique and i still cant get it, ive been thinking about getting lucidityPlus (a suppliment to help the pineal gland) but id really like to try everything first. i want to try self hypnosos but idk how…

in my life (I’m now late forties) I’ve gone through periods were I have lots of lucid dreams to ‘drought’ periods were I have none. In my experience the ‘drought’ periods have coincided with times were I have had a ‘lot on’ in my real world life and just needed my rest when I hit the sack.

Also there is from my own experience (and reading on the same) a physiological element to lucid dreams in that the best time to obtain them is in the early hours of morning after you have been rested presumably for some hours.

In my own experience lucid dreams nearly always occur at this point and its probably also why I get more of the same on a weekend where I can have a ‘lie in’ than on a week day where I am strictly governed by the clock.

I have also experimented with hypnosis and subliminal recordings from Brain-Sync and Monroe Products (Hemi Sync) and others over the years but I am not sure as to the efficacy since I had many lucid dreams long before I used the same and they don’t seem in my case to help generate more lucid dreams (though I continue to experiment).

Boring as it is then the best advice I can give is to go to sleep at a reasonable hour such that if you wake in the early hours you will already be well rested and can use that time as an opportunity to enter the lucid state. Also perhaps give yourself some ‘lie in time’ once or twice a week if possible to help cultivate the same.

Good luck


One thing I’d like to add to my post is something that I’ve come across recently and that is the possible effect of Resistant Starch ingestion (potato starch and the like) re helping generate vivid dreams and lucid dreams.

Thinking back to the time periods in my life were I was having some of my most vivid lucid dreams I was taking a resistant starch supplement but never made the possible connection between the two till reading about the same recently.

Plenty of info out there on RS in general as well as advice re using RS to help with generating more vivid dreams and lucid dreams.

I haven’t used such supplements in years but plan to start experimenting with the same since its cheap to buy from various outlets (health food stores and the like).

Just be aware that some people can get side effects from the same mainly stomach upsets and headaches so read up about it to decide if its something you’d like to try and go easy at first if giving it a go.

aceawake, you should try the watch RC. Get a digital watch and check the time once every hour, get the watch to beep once an hour too if you can. When you check the time, remember what time it is then look away and look back. If the time is different the 2nd time you look at it then you know your dreaming. I believe it works with analogue watches too and also writing, 99% of the time in a dream the text or numbers will change the 2nd time you look at them. If you can do this RC persistently it will become a habit and transfer over into your dreams. You will find yourself one day dreaming and you will perform the watch RC out of habit and realise it’s a dream.

Other than that, make sure you keep a dream journal as this will make you more familiar with your dreams and increase recall. You can use your dream journal to pick out dream signs (places and things that are common in your dreams), then perform a RC whenever you encounter a dream sign.

There are some other techniques you can also try like WBTB and WILD or MILD. Do some research and just keep trying!

I’ll throw one item out there.

Set alarm for 4 hour mark.
Record in your journal for as long as 15 minutes if recall permits.
Preform SSILD while going back to bed.
Do this every night.

Whatever you do DON’T QUIT NOW!