help a novice

well the past few days i’ve been working on DR and its good but i keep saying keep working on it before you try to go lucid but i think the real reason i dont try is because i am lost in the many techniques which should i start on trying? :help: :help:

Try a MILD/WBTB combination first- WILD can be quite hard to do, and scary if you’re not prepared for the HI. You could also try eating ‘lucid foods’- chocolate and bananas seem to be the best choices. Furthermore, doing RCs throughout the day will probably help you enter into a DILD.

I can’t really do WBTB’s because i share a room.
I’ve tried cheese as a lucid food thats what I thought improved my DR.
I did try to start RC’s and i keep forgetting but i’ll try again.

Thanks again

If you keep forgetting, write “RC” on your hand. Quick hint: Don’t /just/ plug your nose- before you do an RC, think: “If the RC fails, I am dreaming.” If you don’t acknowledge that, you might do an RC in a dream, and fail it, but not become lucid.

Thanks again and i guess with the chocolate that has sugar right?
Then a chocolate biscuit would do aswell as a banana?

What is a chocolate biscuit? Do you mean a muffin, or is there some sort of chocolate product that I haven’t tried? mouth waters in anticipation

I find that bananas seem to be counter-productive for me.

Also; what type of cheese do most people recommend? Do they all work just as well?

I’m pretty sure you need just the chocolate. Sugar would be a little counter-productive if you’re trying to get to sleep. :tongue:

As for cheese, I’m not sure. I get pretty good luck with cheddar, but that could be just me.

You can do WBTB. And you can do WILD. People say it is hard but the sooner you start trying the sooner you get it down right?

Intent is a big factor. As you fall asleep tell yourself you are having a lucid dream. In present tense just like that ‘I am having a lucid dream’.

If you want to do WBTB, set a mental alarm. Look at the clock before you go to sleep, say ‘I will wake up in six hours’ ‘I will wake up at -insert time here’. You will wake up if you believe you are going to.

WILD is really not that hard even if it sounds like it, All you have to do is keep your mind awake. I don’t count anymore, it doesnt have to be counting.

When I am falling back asleep I just tell myself over and over again to remember RC’s, and that I am lucid. Sometimes I sucessfuly WILD just from that alone, others I fall asleep and wake up in a dream remembering to do a RC.

So use them in a combination. MILD / WBTB / WILD. Intent is the biggest factort, and remember to stay relaxed. If it doesnt work tonight, try again the next night. It will happen.

Thanks ,
Last night when i started this topic i tried a mild and lo and behold the problem that pops up to much on this forum happens concentration but i think that it is a bit of progress usually when i try to LD i will stay up most of the night and when i do fall asleep i won’t remember my dream but, tonight i took a little longer than normal to get to sleep but still remembered my dream i think that is progress and i the technique for MILD i tried was i said to myself was:“I will fall asleep and will start to dream,i will then realize i am dreaming and perform a reality check” Is that a bit advanced? should i just try the first part?Or what?

Seems like a lot of worlds to repeat to yourself. I’ve tried WILD and I usually forget what I’m saying in a 6 word sentence as I’m going out.

At first it will be easier to use shorter sentence :razz: “I will fall asleep and will start to dream,i will then realize i am dreaming and perform a reality check” is way too long.
At first, to what do you need “I will fall asleep” ? You are going to fall asleep anyways. Same with “will start to dream” - you are going to do so whatever you want it to happen or not.

It’d be easier to divide those two left sentences something into something like “I will recogenize my dream” or “I’ll perform RC when I will be dreaming” alternatingly.

True, the point is just to keep consciousness. There also can be a repeating mantra, like in MILD, or spinning sensation, or loads of another methods.

Yeah,I guess your right except a lack of concentration failed me last night.
Thanks for the help

It’s not a muffin, it’s a biscuit. like this:

Only a chocolate one would be with chocolate on top obviously.

or or

BTW, does it really have to be so big ?


You’re welcome :smile:

Yah like those duck

Must be an English thing… I would call those cookies or crackers :wink:

Yes Duck, the biscuit does have to be that big.

Since Motivation is key, it might help if you write “Lucid Induction Cookies” or something like that on the package. :mrgreen:

As for suggestions, I have good results with using the present tense: “I am dreaming”, “This is a dream”, “I am lucid” etc. These suggestions are short and still to the point, as the trick is to get the idea that you are dreaming, in a dream. It doesn’t really matter that the suggestion wasn’t true when it was made. :wink:

haha nice Ionflux thanks for the tips everyone
Cookie … .bread.jpg

I never knew that chocolate is good for DR. It explains a lot…