HELP!!!! Can't get good REM sleep hours

So, I’m really getting into lucid dreaming. I’ve had success with a lazy approach to it, but now I’m ready and motivated. However, I have apartment neighbors above and below me who make lots of noise in the early morning hours.
The room above has youngs kids, and the first thing they do when they wake up is jump out of bed and slam on the floor, which wakes me up abruptly from my REM periods…which makes me forget my dreams and makes it nearly impossible to get back to sleep to do my mild.
I’m already waking up 4 hours in to put on my NRR33 earplugs before they wake up, but no dice,the running is too loud.
I’m mad…very mad that I can’t expand my consciousness because of the neighbors I have. Does anyoneone have any advice that could help? :cry: :help: :grrr:

You could try talking to them. Tell them about lucid dreaming, and ask them if they could try to be more quiet in the morning.

That, or, if it’s possible, you can try adjusting your sleep schedule?

I don’t know, it sounds like you’re in a bad situation. It doesn’t sound like you have many options.

Definitely one thing to do would be talking to their family, making noise in the early morning is something that can easily be recognized as a problem, thus their parents would do something about it, just as little as telling them to be more quiet when they wake up. I’m sure it will take just a little conversation to clear things up :smile:

Also, remember that regardless of what happens outside, you are the only arbiter of what your body does, and if your body becomes too awake, is because of how you reacted to the noise, not the noise itself; if you could stay calm during the time the kids run, you’d have no problem focusing on what you desire, and being able to go back to sleep.

Gonna have to talk to them I guess. I’m sure they’ll understand. And I’ll just have to deal with what noise there is, because I’m not giving up on lucid dreaming…so HA!

Also, really good on advice on me being the only arbitor to my body.

If noise is the problem, you could use those little things some people put in their ears. You know, those thingummies you get in planes or in noisy places.

Sorry, I don’t know what you call those in English :lol: . Here’s a picture:

Link to picture

yeah, if this is a serious problem for you, then I recommend investing the money in GOOD earplugs/noise cancelling earmuffs/headphones! that will do the trick, but you might have to spend $100 or more


*talk to the neighbors/“take care” of them
*move to a new home
*give up lucid dreaming and join the army or something :smile: